Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sweet Nolan

Yesterday, I posted about what life was like and how some complain about the quality of life they have. Here is why I don't. In May of 2007, I was told that I had a terminal illness that would kill me if I didn't start treatment right away. I was never supposed to see my youngest son's first birthday. Well, last month we celebrated his second and yesterday was the first time that I got Nolan a "Kid Hot Chocolate" from the coffee stand. Mason has gotten one for a while, and Nolan has not. He had to content himself with a lollipop, but yesterday I looked back at him and asked him if he too wanted a hot cocoa like Mason. His face LIT UP and he said, "Hot Cocoa!" When I handed him his hot chocolate (which is like luke warm chocolate milk). He proudly took it, looked at me and said, "Thank you Mommy." My heart melted. What a big boy. All the way home he put it in his drink holder and took it out saying, "I got it!" He has NEVER said, "Thank you" with the "Mommy" in it. This is why I put up with what I wrote yesterday. Those moments FAR EXCEED my inconveniences. BTW - Nolan also flung himself into his crib last night yelling, "I GOT IT!" and smiling the entire time. A good Mom probably would not have let him do it, but he was so determined to do it ("I DO IT!") that I could not squash his drive. Happy Thursday, Ang


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That's really cute!
Tell the boys I say "Hi"