Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Things are moving along....

This round went better than the rest. Yes, I still puked, but only once. Yes, I still have my issues, but they seemed better. I "appear" to be getting the recipe for the new cocktail down. In fact, outside of the temperature sensitivity, I am doing well. That one was the tough one this time. I didn't make it to the game on Saturday. The air was so cold and I couldn't risk getting stuck in it. I watched in on TV at home. The ticket went to our neighbor's son who, very nicely, listened to my Dad talk about his glory days playing basketball in Spokane the entire time. What a sweetheart. Closer to home, I found that playing the snow and not breathing is also a challenge. Luckily, because I lived in Spokane for college and learned to ski there, I had a face mask which came in REALLY handy. We played like a normal family and Nolan even kinda liked it. I took lots of pictures, we threw snowballs against the shed, they played on their swing set - slides are a lot of fun in the snow - and we seemed normal. Well, that was until yesterday, when Grant took the train to work for the first time (his office moved this past weekend to Pioneer Square area) and the boys and I were on our own. I usually have Mom or Karissa with me, but because of the holidays and, obviously, the weather, they stayed put. Mason, Nolan and I got on all our snow gear and headed outside. No one wanted to sled, so we went for an adventure Diego style. I have never seen Diego in the snow since he is from the jungle, but I guess that is a minor detail we can overlook. Everything was going great until, "Up Mommy." whine whine whine. "Mommy, the 'now is too deep for me. I am too 'ittle. 'elp me." and "I want to go in - I got 'now in my face." Whine, moan, moan, whine, moan, moan whine. Nolan was no better. That is when I lost it. We were undressing on the porch and they just kept at it despite my best attempts to change their perspective. I just thought, "I am raising a couple of whiners. How did that happen????" And then, my less desirable self came out, and I just said, "Here is the deal. If you two are going to me moaning and whining that is fine, but I am going to do what I want to do and you can moan and whine to yourselves." Then, the best part, "You know, people who moan and whine don't have any friends and die really lonely." Yeah, I guess the last part was pretty over the top, but my cancer came out and I thought, "Dudes, I am four days out from my 24th round of full chemotherapy and you want to moan?????" That is when I started the hard line of our golden rule, "If you are up you are happy." I LOVE THAT RULE. I don't know how I lost it, but I found it again, and I am much happier today. Couple funny stories.....I drove to Safeway yesterday after Grant got home. We needed a couple things and I really needed to get out. The Explorer did well, but there was one area where it was melting, but not draining. NICE. So, I am dancing around compact ice in a 5000 pound vehicle. It was a bit like a Disneyland ride without all the safety stuff. I got there and back fine, but while I was in the store and, all of the sudden had to go......yeah, GO. So, I went back to the grossest bathrooms in the world. The women's single bathroom was busy, so without hesitation I went into the men's. I exhaled and said to myself, "The faster you do this, the faster it is over." So, with all my potions and lotions, I was able to get through it AND discover why these bathrooms always looked dirty. It was the tile pattern. What lunatic chose that tile??? Happy with my tile discovery and happy with the fact that I was able to poop in a public restroom and still stand up, I left finished my shopping and went home. Here is the funny part.....my doctors are really impressed with my bowel control - I know, I am thinking, if this is good, what the heck is bad????? Second thing, this morning, Mason had to go poop. I don't know why four year olds need to completely disrobe from the waist down to do this, but he did and then he was in a frenzy to said good bye to Daddy, so I was helping him get his clothes back on. Somehow, he pulled up his underwear yet his "package" was totally hanging out. I said, "Mason, put yourself in your underwear." He looked down and exclaimed, "Oh my gosh Mommy, that is dangerous!" I laughed under my breath and said, "You're telling me..." Happy Tuesday, Ang


Anonymous said...

It really is the night before Christmas and time to wish the Clarno family the best of all possible Christmas experiences, from the shortest (Nolan) to the tallest (?) God Bless you each and everyone!! pat&mag

leslie kendall said...

Oh my gosh - thank you for making me crack up! I especially love the "whiners have no friends and die lonely" since I totally needed an attitude adjustment today.....after I talked to you, I saw a lady walking home from the store, struggling with no coat on - which totally put things into perspective. I am truly blessed!
Merry Christmas Ang!

Anonymous said...

Loved hearing about your day. Yes, you make me laugh and smile. I'm sorry your day in the snow ended with whines and moans. I loved hearing that you are normal, I would totally lose it with my kids too.
I'm hoping you had a good Christmas Eve and have a wonderful Christmas with your family.
My day was crazy, as most everyone's are these days. For Mom's. Christmas is so stressful. I just hosted my family, they leave and then you start getting ready for your own Christmas morning. Stocking, presents and breakfast. Then leave to go to my husband's family in Kirkland.
I'm sitting here quiet at the moment taking it all in. I'm sure most of you feel that way. But then I thought of you Ang, and I had a great feeling of Christmas. You give everyone perspective and hope. Thanks for sharing with us and have a Merry Christmas.
Love from your unmet friend.
PS How are those hanky panky undies. I can't quite visualize those.

Anonymous said...

Let it now, let it now, let it now... Merry Christmas!!!!

Some time I'll tell you about loosing it with Grant II when he was four and had a major whining fit about not wanting to come in out of the snow. This was after "helping" me shovel snow off the driveway for two and a half hours in sub zero temperatures. I'm still fairly certain that child protective services would forego the 15 year statute of limitations on emotional abuse and haul me in if they got the details. He survived and still lubs me snd the now.

Love, Auntie Jane

Anonymous said...

Ang I send you all my love and my best wishes for next year. It is going to be great, you´ll see. Te mando un abrazote, igual que a Grant, tus bebés, Keith y Sharon. I love you a lot and I always think of you guys. God bless you all. Murabella from México.

Anonymous said...

Hi and Happy New Year! Your posts always make me think and put things into perspective. Amazing the things that you go through and still end with laughter and spreading inspiration to all of us that read about it. I am thankful for you, you make a difference in my life and I am sure others lives as well. Thank you for being you (even on the most miserable days). I am nearby and willing to help with any emergency that comes along. I know sometimes calling is difficult, but I will do whatever I can to help you, Grant and the boys. Do you have my cell #, email me if not, bhjaltalin@abhow.com
smiles and hugs, Beckey

Anonymous said...

Oh, honey! So much to smile about in what you wrote. I trust you're having a wonderful holiday break & just wanted to send a bit of love your way. Happy New Year, and I look forward to celebrating plenty o' good stuff with you in the coming 12 months. xoxoxo

Sandy Grancaric said...

The whole leaving his "package out side of his underwear" reminds me of Grant...funny how the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!!!

Sandy ;-)