Wednesday, December 31, 2008

As the year comes to an end....

Despite the weather, we had a full Christmas. The only thing that was rescheduled was my Aunt's Prime Rib dinner which will be in February and anyone would drive from anywhere for her prime rib! We did have a lot to cram in between weather, my chemo and nap times, but I we did it. The only thing we missed was Grant video taping me skating with the kids. He was like, "Oh, you wanted me to do that?" I am like, "Which one of us is terminal????" and roll my eyes. I am comforted that we can talk that way to each other and not have hard feelings. For those of you asking, yes, I was yelled at for ice skating by everyone BUT my oncologist and, of course, my cohorts Grant, Karissa, Morgan and their kids. My oncologist praised me for having the guts to do it (apparently he can't - at all) and dealing with the side effects. He seems to understand my need to balance my family memories with my trials. I played in the snow, I went ice skating, and I stayed out too many nights too late. Isn't that what Christmas is? So, this round my white cell count has started to decline. The silver lining to that is my oxy is reduced in my cocktail and my side effects are shortened. My oxy makes the chemo work better but gives me more temperature sensitivity and lengthen my fatigue. So, I will most likely have a great weekend. Today, I didn't do much. I am trying to recuperate from last weekend. We did Christmas until literally Monday night the 29th. It was a little nuts, but so am I, so it fits. As for New Year's, I am ignoring it just like I did our anniversary and I will do it later! Also, for those who have been asking I did finally found out about the colondar. I was not selected. There were 500 applications, so my odds weren't good. I think a big part is that I am still in treatment and they are 50 miles away from any medical facility. In addition they usually have a theme for each calendar, so if my story didn't match the theme that would make sense too. So, am I upset? Not really. My promise to Bob was fulfilled and I really did do my best on the application, so I can't be too upset. I trust that they picked the people that they needed. They have done a beautiful job in the past, so you have to believe that they will do it again. The worst part is that I can't put calendar pin up girl on my resume!!!!! Happy New Year for those of you that are celebrating it - remember I am ignoring it..... Love, Ang


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! It sounds like you and the boys have had an exciting, fun filled Christmas, with skating to boot. May 2009 bring all of you (Tanslation; Ya'll) tons of fun, big adventure and dreams that come true. You are always in our hearts...Love You, Auntie Jane, Tyrus and Grant

Anonymous said...


It sound like you are doing all the right things to create memories. I don't find that sad or unusual. You are doing what I am trying to do with my daugher. But I think you are doing a better job. When I reference that I want to live long enough to see her do the things that she is strong in etc., I believe that it is my reality and job. I see you doing the same thing. Cheers to you and yours. Love, Coach Pam

Anonymous said...

I'm truly sorry about the calendar. I really believed you would be picked. I know you worked very hard and Bob would be very proud.
I'm glad you had a good Christmas, and even got to ice skate!! Good memories.
Our family just got back from spending 3 days in Hood River with our friends. Yesterday my girlfriend and I were shopping down the main street of Hood River. We went into a little boutique and guess what they had???? Hanky, Panky underwear!!! I now know what Hanky, Panky underwear is. My girlfriend grabbed them and said, "These are the BEST! You have to get a pair!!" I started giggling. Ang, I really thought that Hanky Panky undies were some kind of kinky edible underwear that someone gave you as a funny joke. I now know the truth. They are very fancy, REAL underwear. Just made me think of you and laugh. I know you are not celebrating the New Year but I know it's going to be a good one for you.
Your unmet friend

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Angie, Grant, and kids! This is an "old soccer voice" from the past writing to say hello and read how you are doing. I ran into Karissa at Starfire, and she sent me this link. Mike and I have 3 kids and are doing well and still playing soccer (trying to anyway!) I went back to school when my youngest boy was 2, and got my RN license a little over 2 years ago and work at Highline Medical Center on the medical/oncology floor and fill in on the childbirth floor when able. It's quite a mix of life/patients--but I love it!! I wish the spirit you portray was transmittable!! I sure admire your courage and strength--I'm so glad Karissa gave me the link, I'm touched and will keep all of you in my prayers. With love, Laura (Buttitta) Rhodes and family

leslie kendall said...

Hum - not sure how I'm feeling about you not being selected for the colondar.....perhaps we should just make our own - and you can be featured on every month!
So glad you had a good Christmas -

Susan In Bellevue said...

Angie, if you had posed in your hankie pankie underware and sent the picture in, you would have been a sure winner. You have to learn to shake that bootie, honey! I am mad as hell that you didn't get it am about to start a fuss over it. Is there anyone out there in cyberspace who wants to join me in a demonstration or some kind of colorectal rebuttal!?susie

Anonymous said...

I have nothing gracious to say about the calendar folk except that you'll always be a calendar pin-up girl to us. Hmmm . . . that sounds kind of creepy coming from me, so perhaps I should retract. Happy New Year to the Clarno/Hainsworths! Love you all,