Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I cried at chemo yesterday

I think it was all the emotion of having to continue or maybe it is the holidays. I am not sure, but the nurse was great and Elaine was steadfast. It is good to have that in a chemo buddy. After I cried, I felt better. Then Susie arrived and gave me a Christmas gift of Hanky Panky Christmas Underwear. If you don't laugh at that, you are a boring, boring person. So, my mood changed, I slept, and in general got it all turned around. So far I am doing well, it should hit me sometime around bedtime and the I am going to do everything in my power to rest until Saturaday so that I can go to the Battle in Seattle!!!! Gonzaga vs. UW - GO ZAGS! Happy Wednesday - stay warm - Ang


Anonymous said...

GO ZAGS!!! As a Seattle U. alumnai I root for the Jesuit school. Hanky Panky undies?
Someday you have to write an expose of that clinic and their activities.
Sometimes crying is the best medicine, please accept a big warm internet hug from mag and me.
love to you, pat

leslie kendall said...

Sooooooo - do you think you could wear your hanky panky panties over a pair of leggings so you could share them with the world?
Sending you love and prayers.

Anonymous said...

You mean you don't cry at chemo EVERY time? I venture to guess that most of us would. Sweetie, you are doing an amazing job, especially at the butt-kicking, cancer-annihilating portion of your life's journey. Now let's see how you do at the resting part (always a challenge for you) between now and Saturday. Get a warm beverage. SIT on the couch. Engage TIVO remote or good book. Relax. God's orders.

Anonymous said...

If the weather there is the way it looks, I think you should just keep the leggings on. Not for the purposes of modesty but to avoid frostbite. Yours ever, the Helpful Hintress, Jane