Tuesday, September 30, 2008

And then to top it all off

we have the flu. Mason threw up this weekend and we just thought it was too much junk food at the Mariners game, so we didn't worry about it. I started at 2:30am; Grant this afternoon; and Nolan this evening. This is my good week. So, tomorrow we are all on house arrest - no one in, no one out - until we get this under control.


Anonymous said...

Hang in there - I hope you're all feeling better soon!!!!

Anonymous said...

Will the joy never cease? Seriously. My dearest, perhaps you will find some small comfort in knowing that you're umpteen times stronger and more resilient than most folks (the writer of this missive, in particular). I imagine you're already bouncing back. Be well, soon.

Myrna said...

And you took time to clue us in. Amazing. and Good.

Gem said...

I hope you get better soon! Good luck!