Thursday, October 2, 2008

And then, I gave it to Karissa.

Nice, eh???? I am horrible. The good news is - it is fast and furious, even for chemo girl. We are back to normal today and I am hoping to have a great weekend! Love, Ang

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Unknown said...

Dear Angie, We went to Calif for 2 weeks and they are all stuck in the deep 60's, no cell phone towers allowed, I had no phone and no T.V. or radio. Just sunshine, construction and beach time. Lots of time to think. Between that and my first full day home was 12 hours of tests at Swedish to make sure I was still cancer free I had lots of Ahh Haa moments. The one that really sticks is Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not ever getting here and the only thing ANY of us has is right now, this moment. Thank god you and I both still have Right now, this very moment. Love Elaine, see you next Thurs.