Thursday, March 13, 2008


Well, it all played out like the first dream I remission. No lung biospy, no lung surgery, no nothing. I will have monthly appointments with my oncologist for six months and a PET/CT scan every two months for six months, then we may go to quarterly. The chances of it coming back are high because it was Stage 4, but then there are those home run patients (which I reminded him that I was going to be one....) There are no words to express how I feel right now - free, grateful, joyful just start the list. I will blog more when I stop the party dance. Have a great evening - I WILL. Love, Ang


Anonymous said...

Nothing, and everything.

Way to go, Angela Clarno. Way to go.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Everyone, a toast to Angie!

Anonymous said...

I'll I can say is PRAISE THE LORD!!! You GO GIRL!!!

Anonymous said...

Celebrate. Breathe. Rest. Keep repeating ;-)

You have been on an incredible journey. You have lived it fully and you will continue to do so.

You are fully present and living in the Now.

You are open to what is.

The world is better with you in it.

Jill said...

I knew it would be good, but I still got chills reading this!


Anonymous said...

WAY TO GO ANG! That is such great news! See, Karissa was right...that was your LAST chemo! Now...onto going to Hawaii!!!

Anonymous said...

Amazing news!!! We are so happy, Ang. Words can't describe. Really hoping to spend some time with you to celebrate!

Anyways, today is your day, enjoy. You deserve it soo much.


Bob said...

Ang - I was so glad to see you and Grant today. I could tell right away that the news was good, and I'm so happy and relieved for you. Whew!

You guys party on!


Anonymous said...

Hey, Angela! Great news. I heard from Tim who heard from Deb. It was 5:00, and I was renewed and reinvigorated from your news after a long day. I've been with you through this, and will continue to be. You are amazing and a true inspiration.

Here's an irony: I was recently going through old papers and came across an email from you celebrating my remission. You were there for me, and now you know how much it means!

I also want you to know just how much I understood your Fred Meyer experience. It is hard enough sometimes to deal with all of the things life can throw at us, and with anxiety about cancer, it is double-hard. I think you did great in spite of it. You're not a lesser person because you fell apart a little. You're just human and sometimes we crack a little.

I was raising a toddler when I went through my cancer experience and there were times when it felt like great effort emotionally and physically to just put one foot in front of the other to get anywhere. I got to the point where I felt like I was climbing a hill on barely perceptable inclines in the store parking lots. I finally got to the point where I started using one of those electric carts. I put my pride aside. put my toddler on the cart with me, and started off to buy groceries. I was perfectly capable of standing up and getting objects off of upper shelves, but you know what happened? People started helping me. So I let them. Pride aside, I reveled in their good intentions and altruistic support.

You and your community worked hard through all of this. I have admired the network you have had. That has to do with who you are. And now, you have come out the other side of a very difficult journey. The concept of "New Beginnings" takes on a whole new meaning. Now every day and week and month you get with your loved ones is precious and valued more than any earthly treaure. I pray with you that for you it will be years--that you will support your sons in raising their children one day.

Peace, Angela. Enjoy your trip to Hawaii!


leslie kendall said...

I am just SO happy for you!
I feel like I can exhale as I have been holding my breath all day for you!
The angels are singing, we are dancing, and you my dear - literally KICK ASS!
Love you tons -
ps - when you see me walking Rookie this weekend and skipping along - you will know I am celebrating you my dear!

Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo!!!


Anonymous said...

As Talalulah Bankhead used to say
"Mahvelous my dear simply Mahvelous"
love pat&mag

erin said...

woo hoo! -erin

Anonymous said...

WONDERFUL...Have a great time in Hawaii!!!!

God Bless


Charlene Waymire said...

Congratulations my dear! I had a good feeling that you would get great news, and seeing the word REMISSION is beyond great. You are truly one amazing gal and deserved nothing but that one single word. If you ask me, ALOHA should have a whole new meaning! If I don't talk to you before you leave, have the time of your life!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely w o n d e r f u l!!!

Lots of love to all

leslie kendall said...

Hey Angie - A couple more things - please continue to blog as that is how I start my day each day - and also - must find neighbor who is giving you foot massages!
Have the best weekend!

Anonymous said...

I am doing a happy dance for you right now! Way to go!

Good things come to good people and you certainly deserved these results.

Thanks for sharing this journey so that we can all appreciate the good times and bad times and truly remember to appreciate LIFE.


Unknown said...

Felt like I was holding my breath for 2 days. I think I hit the refresh button on your blog at least 20 times yesterday before I logged off. But to wake up this morning to such good news... I am so happy for you and your family. You have Easter in your own personal narrative now.

Anonymous said...

Angie, I have been following your progress and we, Jim and I, are so happy for you. As a survivor of stage 4 melonoma I know you can do this. My cancer was 22 years ago this May. Keep up the good work and enjoy those two darling boys.

Jim and LaDonna Hughes

Sarah S said...

Ang, I knew in my heart your were going to get good news..It was so awesome to hear the excitement in your voice was just unbelievable!!! Way to go Ang!!!

Sarah S

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Angie!!!!! I am thrilled to hear this news! Praise God for your remission! With love, Kristine

Anonymous said...

Sometimes life IS fair!!! All the prayers, positive thoughts, sweat, effort, caring, hoping and Yahoo!!!! LOOK AT YOU!!!! Joy! Joy! Joy!

Catwithabook said...

Hey, Keep running all the way home. Keeping you in our thoughts. Emily

Anonymous said...

Oh Angie,
Thank God this was a journey and not a destination!
Allan & I are so very happy for you and your dear family.
I looked at the picture of those little boys everyday. AND you must know how the two of us LOVE little boys!
It is not enought to aim, you must
hit ....YOU hit this hard
With Love ,Uncle Allan & Kat

Anonymous said...

Angela: that is such wonderful news. Now yu can plan for your trip and get on with your life. Your unknown friends here in Florida were so happy to hear your news. You are an amazing lady!! CG

Anonymous said...


You don't know me....I'm a friend of Laurie's....I'm so glad....I check in every so often....and you keep plugging away....plugging is key! Keep plugging....Eric