Thursday, March 20, 2008

A week of freedom and Nolan first haircut

A week of freedom! I am feeling stronger every day. It is slow, but you would have to expect it to be. I have gone four days without a sitz bath - now, there is progress!!!! I have been out and about everyday this week for short periods of time with the two boys. I take a rest in the afternoon with the boys and then we are ready for the evening. I even watched half a movie last night and went to bed at 10:15 - major break through - then, I slept through the night! Another major break through. Today, Nolan got his first haircut because it was driving my Mom crazy. Now, he looks like a real little baby is gone. He is actually very cute with the new haircut, so I can't be too sad. The poor guy in the barber shop that thought he was going to have a "nice quiet haircut" must have been very disappointed. Nolan screamed the ENTIRE time. Oh well! It feels really nice to have a normal week. My energy is getting better, my butt is getting better, and I can taste food again. Things are good. Oh, one last thing.....Sarah is doing one more month of the "Help Calendar" for me. If you want to get on it, please email her at After that, she and I are taking the money that was given (thank you) for this and going to Dinners Ready to pack the freezer with ready made dinners. So, with that, I will "be on my own" in May. It is time - I need it too. And, again, I tear up thinking of all the assistance that I have received these last 10 months. It is hard to believe and almost impossible to comprehend. I would have never believed it if I hadn't lived it. Happy Thursday - Love, Ang


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful friend you have in Sarah,she is a treasure. I have enjoyed getting to know your friends on your blog and am impressed with the love and support they give you. Have fun in that sunny place you are going and don't forget your pale friends who remain back here. love pat&mag

Anonymous said...

It is now official. The famous brown pins no longer have anything to do with fighting butt cancer. They now are anti-smoking pins ;-)

When you are standing on one of those beautiful beaches I want you to remember how much you are loved.

Take a moment to really feel the warmth of the sun on your face, the feel of the breeze on your skin and the refreshing water on your feet. These sensations will remind you how much you are alive.

Also, you better be wearing lots of sunscreen and also spending time relaxing and enjoying...or else!