Monday, March 10, 2008

The last few days....

Well, the last few days have been rough and wonderful all at the same time. So, many things have happened here is a sampling.....I had fun with friends on Friday, Saturday AND Sunday, but it was clouded by the phone calls to my Mom about my Dad and his trip to the hospital. He is on the mend and home, but it was a scary for all of us. This will be a long road for him. So, I started today taxed with a trip the doctor's office for a rash that wasn't going away on Nolan. When I got there I met with a nurse that wasn't my usual nurse so she didn't quite get why I didn't know what went on with Nolan last week. I gave her the abridged version and she got it. By the time I got to, you guessed it, Fred Meyer, for food that Nolan ate last month (in case it was food), a prescription, and OTC drugs that the nurse recommended, I realized that Grant had the prescription card. So, I called him on my dying cell phone, and asked him to fax the info to them. All sounds okay, right? Wrong. I didn't know when my phone would die, but he picked which was great, but then he needed me to repeat the number 14 times. That is when I LOST IT. Yep, right in front of the Fred Meyer Pharmacy. They anxiety of my scan, my Dad, and Nolan all was right there. I think I scared them a bit. Thank goodness the info came through to them and they told me 15 minutes on the Rx. So, I raced off to get the food and OTC drugs for Nolan. Mason, of course, wanted to go to Playland which was supposed to be open, but wasn't. That is okay, they lady manning it was the only one that has ever kicked Mason out for "not listening". Don't worry - all the boys were kicked out for not listening that day, but the only girl got to stay, but I digress. So, I get the stuff while I feeding them both crackers because it is WAY past their lunch which Nolan was spilling on the floor. By this point, I just picked them up and fed them to him. Then, I couldn't find an infant version of one of the things the nurse wanted me to use and I didn't want to go back to the pharmacy and ask because remember I just FREAKED OUT on them, so I call my pharmacist girlfriend with my phone going dead, but she doesn't answer. Lucky for her - I probably would have started crying and then the phone would have been dead. I go back the pharmacy get the Rx, ask the question, get an answer, and then apologize for my behavior. I gave them the abridged story too. Everyone's jaw dropped and they said, which I quote, "I would have freaked out too....You get a pass today....You kept your hair that has to be a good thing!" What is it about my hair?!?!?! So, I got home, fed the boys, put the medicine on Nolan, put him down for nap, gave Mason a video, got in the bath tub for a sitz bath, and regrouped......unfortunately, the day didn't get much better and I am not telling you that part. Even I have a few boundaries left. I did however get a foot massage from my neighbor and Mom and I figured out that she has used fabric softer on Nolan's clothes last week (she had never done that before) which totally explained the rash and its behavior. And then finally, after Grant got home, we ate, I cried, and we got the boys ready for bed, the boys started a game where Nolan threw a ball down the stairs, Mason went to get it, threw it back up the stairs to Nolan who grabbed it and ran down the hallway to our room, to be tackled (in a nice way) by Mason, only to turn around with the ball to throw it down the stairs again. And they laughed. They laughed that beautiful baby and child laugh that makes your heart sing and you let go of everything to listen to it. And all was right in the world again. Man, I am tired. Off to bed, Ang


Anonymous said...

It is 12:34 and you are probably in the middle of your Scans and Thursday you will know what they say. Like everyone who posts on your Blog I hope and pray that your good progress is reflected in those visuals. You know that you have made progress the only question is how much. If anyone ever asks what the meaning of the concept "the urgency of now" is just have them read your post from yesterday. Keep on healing, love pat&mag.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ang,

Since it's almost St. Patrick's day, I thought a limerick was in order...

There was a young lady from Kent
Who had cancer and to treatment she went
She kept her sense of humor
And destroyed that damn tumor
Since laughing is always time well spent

I've been sending positive vibes your way today...(well, more so than usual)

- Lisa

Anonymous said...

Feel the love and healing wishes of the army of people who want you well. We stand with you, applaud your unwavering good humor, marvel at your strength, and pray that the cancer is banished. We laugh alongside you, for even on gloomy days you bring us sunshine.

On two entirely unrelated notes, I must say you have superb taste in junk-food treats (the Arby's picks--they almost rival my affection for Chick-fil-a). And little Miss Elena sends you cyber kisses and loves you "really much."

Ditto for me and the rest of the Clearys. We can't wait to see you & the Hainsworth men,

Anonymous said...

Hey Angie,
We are praying for you. I can't wait for you to get the results on Thursday! I am hoping everything is all gone!