Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It is the end?

Yesterday, I woke up to an amazing sunrise. The colors were pink and orange. The heat of the houses were putting steam into the air and all was calm in the neighborhood. Beautiful. The kids were great. I took Mason to Preschool for the first time this school year. What a treat! I saw many people that I knew and we were all celebrating my good news. By the afternoon, I was packing for Kauai - no easy task - and I was beginning to think that I should end the posting on the blog. You know, end the story on a happy note. I always like happy endings. I listened to my Hawaiian music and thought, no I need to finish with Kauai. The imagines, the stories, and the fun we will have. I had a treat yesterday too. I went for a facial to get all that chemo shading off my face. What an amazing job she did!!!! I look great, or at least great for a chick that has just gone through chemo for 10 months! While I was there my favorite Hawaiian song came on....IZ "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" that goes into "What a Wonderful World". I almost started to cry. I think I am just starting to feel like this is over. "Cancer Free by Kauai" I said at the beginning of this journey and I did it. I DID IT. For me this is huge, I have never had a project come in on time. Remember, I am a wife, daughter, mom, and HR professional. If a project with any of those titles comes across someones desk, it is always the last priority. Since when do those titles meet anyone's deliverables?!?!?! Yeah, I know - NEVER. I live it! So, for the first time in my life, I am on time with a project, probably not under budget, but definately on time. So, back to packing and listening to, Ang


Anonymous said...

You get the prize! On time and Cancer Free! This has been a grueling journey you have been on and we all were fortunate enough that you shared your heart with us all along the way.
I don't want your blog to end but I totally understand. I check it each day and think of you often. But I understand a BIG finish!!! Please don't end until we all hear about your trip to Kuaui. Now that's a BIG finish to the hardest race you've ever run!!
Here's my other idea....I think your entire blog should be published and made into a book. Journal entrees and comments to boot. What an inpiration your story is and would be to someone else going through this. You could also make some $ to pay for your next Kuaui trip!! smile
Somewhere over the rainbow..dreams do come true....
Enjoy your day.
Your Unmet Friend

Anonymous said...

You are right, again. Kauai and the healing sands of the Pacific are the place to end your journal.
This experience is a lot like an agency I once directed. In 1970 United Way Of King County put together a multi service center for recently laid off Boeing workers, Boeing went from 109 thousand employees down to 34 thousand. A great number of those folks were life long employees who had never had to job search in their lives. Crisis management was the order of the day. The agency lasted 20 months and then was disbanded. We had 44 employees and the comraderie and closeness we built up over those 20 months made our closing one of the most difficult experiences of my life.
Traveling with you is much happier as you defeated something far more deadly. Please send word pictures of the beauty of your journey's end.It may sound trite to say but you are much stronger and wiser than you were last May. Aloha with love. pat&mag

Bob said...

Sorry sweetie - we're not letting you off the hook for the blog just yet. The next chapter is "Life after cancer", which while not as physically challenging as life with cancer, is just as important. Remember, you have a much different perspective now as a survivor than you did before you were diagnosed and while you were in active treatment. I think it's just as important and interesting to chronicle the new journey. Please keep up the commentary.

Anonymous said...

I am crying with happiness for your wonderful news! I have followed your journey and am always amazed with your wit as you tell your story. I always knew you could tell a joke or story with the best of them. I agree with your "Unmet friend", I also think you should share your journey. You are truly an inspiration.

Have fun in Kauai, soaking up the sun, sand and even a few glasses of.......whatever. I'm looking forward to hearing of your new adventures.
Much love to you dear Ang.