Sunday, March 23, 2008

Forever Changed

So, yesterday, the day before Easter, I went to Fred Meyer for last minute food items. The Easter aisle was PACKED with people and among them was a woman in a motorized cart. She wasn't able to get down the aisle, but she was there with her husband who she sent down the aisle looking for Reese's Peanut Butter eggs. She looked tired and she looked like she really wanted Reese's Peanut Butter eggs. I thought, "A man will NEVER find them in this mess, nor will he be determined to do so." Sure enough, he came out saying, "They are sold out." That was it.....thinking of Linda's posts a few days ago, I approached the woman and asked what she was specifically looking for. Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs. I pretended to be looking for those myself so it wouldn't be too much of a bother for me to look for her also. I went in. I emerged with no eggs, but also, the boxes that the man said were sold out were not the right Reese's product. Knowing this and knowing Fred Meyer like I do, I told the woman that they are not here, but they probably were moved to the cash registers....a typical Fred Meyer move so that they sell. Her eyes lit up and said, "You're right. We will check on the way out. Thank you!" I went on about my business, forgot totally about it, and 20 minutes later was in the check out line. All the sudden the man of the couple came up to me. "So, how many bags did you need?" holding four in his hands. Surprised, I said, "Only one." Remember, I didn't need any, but I had to say something. He told me that they were right were I said - at the checkout. "Thank you so much - you made her Easter." I said, no problem, smiled, and threw them on the counter to buy. Happy Easter, Ang


Anonymous said...

You make me cry.
I hope you had a wonderful Easter with your family. Hope, new life and family. That's what Easter is all about. Who care's if it rained and we had a soggy egg hunt. The lady at Fred Meyer had a better Easter because of you too!
My husband and I cried on the way to church as I told him about you, remission and Hawaii....Miracles do happen. Have a happy Monday.

Anonymous said...

I told Caitlin your good news.

Her response: "of course, I told you so."

She never doubted you and neither did I.