Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bit of a rough week...

This round wasn't as easy as I had hoped. Monday was fine, but I have moved since then. In fact, I didn’t even turn on the computer yesterday. I knew it was bad when Grant decided to sleep in Mason's bed. Scary that twin bed that smells like sweaty three year old is better than me. Things are improving slowly. Mom is keeping the boys for one extra night to be sure that I am well enough to take care of them. I miss them so, but I am contented that Mason can get on the phone with me and very objectively ask me when he will see me again and where he is going to sleep tonight. He doesn't get upset. He just listens to the plan and accepts it. Maybe it is because every morning since he was a whee one, I have always told him what we are doing that day without fail. It is part of our morning routine. When I told him what was going to happen today and tomorrow he said, "Okay Mom, see you tomorrow - I gotta go." I quickly said, "Okay, I love you. Bye Bye." afraid that he would hang up on me. He replied, "I know. BYE!" And the phone went dead. It has already started and he is only 3. Are you kidding me - "I know."?!?!?!?!? That is something we WILL be working on next week! Hope all is well with you - love, Ang


Anonymous said...

Your love for him is one of the permanent fixtures in his little world, it is the cushion that will always comfort him. That response "yeah I know" is OK from your little ones but if Grant says it then you need to take corrective action. Please take care Mag and I look forward to seeing you Sat.Please send me the driving directions again, I lost them. Love to you and yours, pat&mag.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ang,
Oh my gosh I loved the Birthday video and of course it made me cry. Little ones have that effect on me. You looked gorgeous too.
Funny how kids are on the phone. My 6 year old swears he needs his own cell phone (older brothers)