Thursday, February 28, 2008

Well, that took a long time!

Well, things are finally on the mend. From what my oncologist and I could figure out, I contracted the flu when my chemo was at its worst, so my poor body didn't know what to do. I struggled all week and then by Saturday I was in bed all day. Sunday and Monday were the same. Tuesday, I made it downstairs and ate a little, but I still couldn't lift Nolan. Wednesday, Grant had to go back to work, but with the help of Karissa, my Mom and my Dad, I was slowly moving in the right direction and got caught up on household chores. Today, the boys and I are lying low, but having fun. I still tire easily, but I am able to care for the boys. Keep in mind, they are still in the PJs and the house is destroyed with toys, but they are happy, changed, and fed, so the necessities are taken care of and that is all that matters. It was funny when I talked to my oncologist because I said, "So, I am not septic (sp) and going to die?" Remember him.....he replied, "Highly unlikely that you will die this week." He sure can take the wind out of my dramatic moment. I FELT like dying. He then told me what to do and told me that I would be better in a couple days. I thought, "No way...I feel way too bad for that...." but, I did......which ticked me off a little - he is always right.....maybe he is God??? Probably not - God would not be so patient with me. He would be like, "Look, I have other things to get to, so are we done????? Clearly, you are going to be FINE." Take care and wash your hands!!! Love, Ang


Jill said...

OMG you are too hard on yourself. Most days we are not out of jammies by noon and I often take him out of the house in jammies. And my house is ALWAYS a wreck of toys. You, my dear, need to release the inner slob and let it go! Glad you're feeling better!

Anonymous said...

Before you release the inner slob be sure and wash your hands. Your Doctor sounds like a good guy, he reassures without getting maudlin. You looked rather grim on Saturday, I am happy to hear you are feeling much better. It is always a joy to visit with you and Grant, and the kids, you have a beautiful family and even when your a little down you are beautiful. We send our love to you and Clan Clarno, pat&mag

Anonymous said...

Good luck with that whole "inner slob" thing. Somehow, I don't see it sticking. :) (Although it would be a very healthy thing for folks like us if it did!) So glad you're over the flu hump. Hope you have nothing but sunshine this weekend. xoxoxo

leslie kendall said...

Hey Angie - Glad you are feeling better. I am back in town from my business trip, so please let me know what I can do this weekend to help you.
PS - As far as the slob thing, one of my favorite things to do is sleep in my sweats and then wear them to the grocery store the next day - sometimes it just feels good to let it all go.....xoxo