Monday, February 4, 2008


Life as you can imagine is quite a bit slower for me than it used to be, but that is not all bad. One image that I would like to share is Mason driving his truck on the walking trail. Imagine Nolan in the passenger seat bobbing up and down to the music (the truck has an FM radio), and me walking behind. Two little heads with their fleece hats on, one bobbing, driving along the precious. He actually is quite good at driving. He is even mastering a three point turn!!! Well, I am rushing off to chemo. Not looking forward to it, but I am so close to being done and I will nash my teeth and get through it. The hardest part is going through the doors of the cancer center. Deep breath. Have a great week, Ang

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Catwithabook said...

Man, he's lucky he's learning that now! It'll really come in handy when he's learning to drive. Keep your head up, and I hope to see you soon.