Friday, July 6, 2007

I didn't think I was going to post this morning, but

I just had too! Lately, we have been getting up late because the boys have both had some rough nights this week. Well, last night was no exception except we did get four hours together. Nolan slept through until 4:30 when the sun was rising. Ever since I was a kid I have loved the sunrise. I love the quiet of the morning, dew on the grass, the colors in the sky, and crispness of the air. Today was a beautiful sunrise - all those things listed above and more. When I was a kid, first thing in the morning was always a good time. My Dad would kiss me on the top of the head and call me "mattress back" (seriously - it was before 6:00am - WHATEVER!), our cats/dog would be looking for attention, the house would be warming up, and the smell of strong coffee was everywhere. My mom and dad ALWAYS had coffee. The ritual was always the same no matter if we were traveling (without the cats and even without mattresses) for business, on vacation (boating, camping, or one of my Dad's "adventure" vacations), or where ever. Morning coffee, the kiss on the head, and warmth (by fire or furnace). My favorite things - things you get up for, things you do for your kids because you love them, things you look forward to on the next sunrise. There now I am done - WHEW!! Enjoy your sunrise this weekend, Ang


Anonymous said...

It is truly a "gift" that we have the capacity as human beings to store memories...our ability to store little bits of warmth and joy is truly amazing. We draw upon these treasures when we need to and they last a lifetime. How incredible that one sunrise can remind you of so many wonderful remembrances. Each morning kiss on the head is as real to you now as it was over 35 years ago. Truly amazing.....

Anonymous said...

Writing poetry at 5am!! you are expressing the essential truth of what life is really all about. This Sunday my daughter turns 34 and I feel that way today just as I did all those years ago. The most profound truth is also the simplest. Ask your Mom and Dad,I bet they feel that way today about you. As the Irish say, "may God hold you and your loved ones in the hollow of his hand, always".

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, you were up early! I was too, but half asleep feeding Lucas, saying I need at least 3 more hours, please!

I just found out about you last week, but I've been thinking about you every day since. You are an amazing woman and one of the strongest women I know. You go girl!

Your kids sound a lot like mine. Ailsa loves Curious George, Baby Einstein, Blues Clues, Dora, etc. OK, does she watch a lot of TV? Maybe a little too much, but it keeps me sane in the morning when Lucas has had a bad night.

I thought I'd try to get Lucas on a better sleep schedule by reading "Healthy Sleep Habbits, Happy Child". I think I have totally messed the poor child up by letting him cry too much. I thought he was tired at about 6:15 last night. So I bathed him and put him to sleep like I normally do. He played in the crib for a bit and then started crying. The book said to let him cry it out for as long as it takes for the evening sleep session. So, after about an hour, I couldn't stand it. I went up to find my little guy with a runny nose and a diaper full of crap! Paul's assessment, he wasn't ready to sleep yet. Uh, thanks!

On another note, Ailsa is potty trained! I didn't think it would happen. This was a hard process! I don't know how many times Ailsa peeed through her underwear or pull ups and then proceed to spash her feet in her pee! I will give her credit for always telling me that she was peeing so that we could at least clean it up as fast as we could. Unfortunately, not fast enough some times as Ailsa spread the pee all over the floor with her little feet. Fun times!

So, I'm going to end this note by letting you know that I'm here for you if you need me, even though we rarely see or talk to each other. I love you and I'm pulling for you. Oh and Grantman, I love you too and know that you are an awesome husband and father! Better stop typing before Lucas gets bored watching Mozart and Friends III. :)

Your long, lost Green Lake friend, Susan.

Lisa said...

Great to talk to you today. Days not to talk/ think about Cancer are good days. But, try to keep a positive perspective when it does creep into your thoughts. Worry is like a rocking chair...Back and Forth...Back and Forth...Back and Forth, and never go anywhere!!!!

Anonymous said...

Look at you little miss, "I paint with words!" That was beautiful.. I know I haven't seen you since you and Char were both miserably pregnant in the summer heat, but you are truly inspiring. Every time I decide to check in on your blog I am amazed how you continue to keep things in perspective and am often left speechless. The only words that seem to come to mind are, "Rock on wit yo bad self, sistah!"
Keep on keepin on momma!

~Rachel Waymire