Wednesday, July 25, 2007

How is it that...

I can walk into a doctor's office without an appointment and in a moment be seen? How is it that I can be known by name and people come off of their lunch break to see how they can help me? How is it that I, a normal girl that grew up in South King County, can command the attention of so many doctors, nurses, assistants? How lucky am I to have them - I lucky we all are to have them. Today, on my way to get unhooked from my cancer wand, I was in tremendous pain. No nausea - pain. I stopped my the colon rectal clinic where I was first diagnosed and asked advice of what I should do. Reanna came off of her break to see me. She scheduled me for 30 minutes later, and it was done. I went downstairs to unhook where one nurse got me the perfect temperature water, one nurse unhooked me, and back upstairs where I saw the doctor. The staff asked me about camping (obviously, they are following the blog) and asked about my boys. I saw the doc, got an rx, and was on my way. Because I am a cancer patient, I can get all my rxs right in the same building. Five minutes after turning in the rx I was back in the car and going home to my comfy couch. I felt more taken care of than Oprah. Seriously, is there anything better than that? Yep, there is....dinner was just delivered and I am not nauseous! Thank you to all the people that made my life a little easier today. Love, Ang

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