Monday, July 9, 2007

The best weekend yet.

This weekend was awesome. Saturday, I got to visit with my baby group - just the moms. They cleaned my house (better than I do), they brought me chocolate, flowers, food, and clothes. The clothes are the most classic part. They are lounge around clothes, but with v-necks so I can wear them to chemo. So, now I will be a fashion plate at chemo. It helps if you look good while you are attached to your portable IV cocktail! Then, my aunt came over with Thai food, and my neighbor gave me my "before-you-go-to-chemo foot massage" with essential oils. Yesterday, I went to the zoo with my family and had an amazing time. Mason saw the animal program for the first time - he was so excited - clapping and participating like a real little person! Nolan fought sleep, but fell asleep in my arms somewhere in the Savannah section. Everyone napped when we got home (including me) and dinner was a combination of leftovers that I put together cause the cold sensitivity wore off. I actually had a coke WITH ICE!!!!! It was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good. I also stopped by a fellow scrapbookers house and picked up some cancer hats when my hair falls out. She gave me a book to read. In the intro it says, "With friends like this I cannot fail." I didn't get past the intro. So, off I go with Mom to Chemo in my cute clothes, courage bracelet (gift), hair still on my head, and my bag full of great books. I am meeting another cancer survivor friend at chemo and she will bring me home. She makes me laugh, laugh, laugh!!!! So, in spite of it being a Chemo Day, it is ramping up to be a good day. Remember with friends like this I cannot fail, Ang


Anonymous said...

A friend of mine once told me of a saying popular among the Alaska Eskimoes: "She walks best who walks uphill with the wind in her face", that is you Ang, uphill with the wind in your face, as opposed to downhill with a tail wind. The journey is tougher but the prize is greater. Keep up the fight, bless you. pat& mag

Anonymous said...

Hi Angie

So glad to hear you had a good weekend. I think of you a lot and am looking forward to our visit on the 12th.
Remember I will bring lunch and also your Grandma.
Take care my friend.
Peggy Smith

Anonymous said...

River of LIfe

"Every day I ride the river of my life. Some days I race across rapids, expanding my abilities and sense of myself; some days I swim in quieter waters by the banks, observing and learning from the river as it flows past; some days I float in deep pools of stillness where I renew myself."
~ Modern Affirmation

Anonymous said...

Kites rise highest against the wind, not with it.
~Winston Churchill

You're riding the "Bad Ass"
Love & Laughter,