Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Cyberknife DONE!

I graduated today at 11:15.  Now, I just wait.  I will get a scan in the next few months, but I really will not know the full success/fail until 8 months to a year from now.  The treatment went fine, however, I did get the side effects of fatigue and nauseous.  I forgot how tiring it was.  Plus, I was like, "I can do it! No problem!  Let's stop by Costco and Target and Fred Meyer....and frick I am tired....."  It is the kind of fatigue that you just do not care about anything.  Grant and I have managed to keep things going and the boys have been awesome, so I work for a couple hours and then I lay down.  Repeat.  Repeat.  Repeat.  The thing I can't stand is soccer practice.  It is a hour and a half......and Grant is with Mason at Baseball or Hockey.  Nolan is nine.....does he really need to practice for 90  minutes twice a week?  Whatever.  He loves his coach, so we do it but icky.  Also, now, because people are showing up late to games, the team is required to show up 1 hour before the game.  So, now, the same two players that showed up on time before, get to show up 30 minutes earlier and I just can do two hours plus travel right now - so I miss.  So who is being punished?

Anyways, I am fine.  The nausea should subside within two weeks and the fatigue in two months.  TWO MONTHS!  Frick.  The things you forget......

Layin' Low in the Valley....Happy Graduation Day from Cyberknife, Ang

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