Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Something miraclous happened to me last week...

I felt good. Like really good. I went to the Childhaven Auction. I have never seen money like this. My new lifetime goal is to be able to open the bid at that event. It would be unrealistic to actually think I could "win" something. I went to the end of season soccer party for Mason. I went to the mall with Nolan. Nolan and I even went to the Toys R Us to look for things for his Christmas list. I went to a Martini Bar with some girlfriends to celebrate a milestone birthday. It was a banner week. I guess with the pneumonia gone and I kinda back. And now I have two weeks between treatments through December! I am so excited for December - I can hardly wait. So, get this, the same day that Grant said the business was doing well and we will get a dividend soon, I thought, oh, well, I got the big expenses, like COBRA, house payments, IRA, etc. covered for next year, maybe I should put more money in GET (children's college fund) and then Mason came into our room and said, "Mommy, I don't want a birthday party this year." SHOCKED AND AMAZED, I said, "But why?" "Well, I want to go to Hawaii." HISTORY: Due to my poor prior planning I accidentally (forgot would be a better word) scheduled a trip to Kauai during my youngest son's birthday). I know BRILLIANT. GREAT MOM. I replied in a not so nice way, "Mason that is a pipe dream that ain't going to happen, BUT I haven't planned your party, so if you think about it for a couple days, and come up with something doable, I will check into it, but don't tell anybody about it until you and I talk" Okay, this is where I am going to brag a little, I have created this relationship with my son that he actually goes away and thinks about. He believes that I will and he knows that I will. I am SOOOOOOOO proud of that - it is crazy. Okay, so off my soap box. So, two days later he comes into bed with me and waits for Grant and Nolan to go downstairs to start breakfast and says, "I have decided where I would like to got for my birthday." "Okay, so where..." "I heard you and Dad talk about how pretty Disneyland is during Christmas and I have a Christmas birthday. Do you think we could go there?" My eyes fill up with tears, but I keep my voice steady and say, "Let me see what I can do. I will need sometime with the computer, so let me do the research. But Mason, I think you have made a very good choice." I did tell him that if we do this there is no "birthday party" just us and his grandparents and he said, "That is all I need." I am like, that is funny because your brother wants two tickets to Hawaii (for him and Carter - his best friend) and a Batman Birdday cake. I try to explain to Nolan that he can't do that for so many reasons, but it is futile....... Anyhoo, after three days of researching and purchasing, not only are we going, but so are my parents and the surprise guest is Auntie Donna too! Auntie Donna had me book her room, so I booked it for two beds hoping one of my precious angels will be sleeping with her!!!! :) So, I guess we put off college savings, but I remember going to Disneyland and Disneyworld during Christmas when Mariella and Gaby were staying with us. It was magical (except for getting stuck in "It is a Small World" which happens EVERY time and I not going in that ride even though I have been told it has been rebuilt - whew - got that off my chest! Evil evil ride....) Anyhoo, Disneyland is amazing - the lights, the costumes, the decorations, the fireworks, and now I get to show them to my boys. College can wait. Loves, Ang


Anonymous said...

You, my dear, are a wonderful mother. The boys will fill up their memory banks with treasures over Christmas break, of that I am sure. And congrats on your marvelous progress, the perfect Christmas present for yourself and all those who love you.

Steve Chamberlin said...

Disneyland? I love Disneyland! My dad used to give a quarter to the first kid in the car who could spot the top of the Matterhorn as we drove down the freeway on our way to Disneyland. One of the perks of growing up just 90 minutes north of the park. Living in Utah, I've only managed to get my own children there twice over the years. Funny thing, my wife and I were talking about taking the family to Disneyland next summer when I'm through with my last round of chemo. Seems like a great way to celebrate to me.

"Hey, Steve. You just kicked your cancer's butt. What are you gonna do now?" "I'm going to Disneyland!!!"

May you enjoy the park all the more through the eyes of your boys. Ditto to all that Laurie said.

So glad to know you had an awesome week. I feel stronger every week since being off chemo and radiation, but then my surgery is just two weeks away. Nothing like managing to stand up so they can knock you down again. Such is life with cancer, eh?

Keep smiling, Ang. You make it easier for the rest of us!

Beckey said...

Awesome! I'm so glad to hear you are going to Disneyland! You are right, Christmas is the most awsome time to go, I love the decorations, nice weather and SNOW!!! You deserve a great vacation with your family! You are so strong, brave and positive I admire you so much. Love you.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Tuesday in Seattle
25° F | 13° F

Get your butts to Disneyland soon.

Per KOMO, "Western Washington received anywhere from 2"-10" snowfall"


Anonymous said...

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