Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Scan results - the offical ones

So, I went for chemo and met with my oncologist before the meeting. I said, "Well, I know you are happy with the scan because of all the adjectives (Scan way much spectacularly better), so yeah! He turned to me and said, "I was trying to portray that message, but lets be clear (and he looked me straight in the eyes and said) I am THRILLED with your scan. Then, with a quick hug and a a couple of tears - still don't have waterproof mascara that I have found that doesn't make me itch! We continues on with my being anemic and believes, at some point, I will probably need a blood transfusion. Not excited about that, but I will continue to try and manage it with red meet, spinach, and my friend mentioned liver extract pills. So, I am getting those cleared now. Okay, so here are the specifics of the scan. Originally I had two spots in my left lung - they are now barely detectable. My right lung has been struggling with infection/pneumonia etc which looks a lot better Ithey don't believe it is cancer) and my rectum has reduced by 2/3rds and the rectal wall thickening is gone. We have do to chemo through December, and then a scan in January to see where we are are. Do I know what all this means? Well it sounds good to me and I gave you the non doctor words. I try to stick to "THRILLED" cause that dude doesn't anything he doesn't mean. More hugs and off to chemo to hear Elaine's horse ride story that she has been dieing to tell and it was worth it - I laughed all the way through chemo. Thanks Elaine!!! Love, Ang


Laurie said...

Fantastic news! Can you hear me whoo-hoo-ing all the way from Chicago?

auntie jane said...

Great news and glad you had a little fun at chemo this time. That's a small payback for the snake venom ??? day??? Elaine sounds like a wonderful friend, support and storyteller. Love ya, Jane

Anonymous said...

Ang, We are soo happy to hear that things are moving in the right direction. Despite all of the tough days, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Love, Peter and Jo-Ann, (Amelia and Paige)