Sunday, May 4, 2008

Not invincible

Well, after six days of being normal, having fun, and feeling almost perfect, I am down today. I should have slept more, should have eaten less meat (even though they want me to eat meat for the protein), and I should have paced myself a little better. Oh well, it is all correctable. I will take today and tomorrow to do a little a possible and I will be back sometime Monday. At least I know the beast and, after several months, have learned to bow to it (once and a while). I guess this is the "once" - or is it the "while"? Man, last week was great...and next week will be too - just a little slower. My next "30 day clearance" appointment with my oncologist is Wednesday and, as usual, I am nervous. My "energy" last week I think is a symptom of my nervousness. I seem to get really busy before those appointments. It is probably a little bit of not wanting to think about it and a lot of "Wow, I need to get this stuff done - just in case." Such is life now. I try to remember it is a good problem. Have a great week and enjoy today - it is supposed to be beautiful and I will be moving slow enough to enjoy it. Love, Ang

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Anonymous said...

Greetings Ang, I have a test for you to do. It must be completed in a specific amount of time and I will grade the answers.
1. What is your understanding of the phrase "SLOW AND EASY" ?
2. Give specific examples of how you put into practice "SLOW AND EASY".
Because you have difficulty with this particular abstract concept I will not grade you right away. But do not grow complacent, a 'pop' quiz could happen at any time.
teacher pat