Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was an interesting experience this year. It was the last holiday that I had pre-cancer. At the time, my family believed that my inability to bounce back from Nolan's birth was just that I had two kids, was trying to do too much, and a general sign of having kids later in life. Nobody saw this one coming. As I was planting flowers at my Mom and Dad's house yesterday, I was noticing how much easier it was this year than last. Last year, everything seemed so far away, so difficult, and so tiring. This year, we finished early and I still had energy to go grocery shopping afterward. Mom even tagged along. It was nice to have her there. It is rare that we get time together - alone - to talk. We combed through at the meat section discussing the differenece between choice and select, but as usual, ended up buying the natural meat. That is what you do if you were raised from my mother's side. EVERYTHING is about food. When I got home the boys were resting. They were tired from making me breakfast and providing lunch to Mom and me during the planting fest. For the first time in months, Grant and I had a steak dinner. (We used to do it every Friday night pre kids with a nice bottle of wine and talk about the week. Now, Friday nights are pizza nights with baths for the kids and zoning out to a movie if we don't fall asleep before!) I over cooked everything. I guess you have to keep up on the skill, or you loose it. So, it wasn't the best steak dinner, but Mason liked it and we were pleased with that. I had gotten so much on Mother's Day. I great breakfast and lunch, a great present from the boys, and the season finale of Survivor. Can you believe that outcome??? I mean seriously..... Anyhoo, then on my way to bed, there was a note from Grant. Everyone was fast asleep, I was still in shock from Survivor, and I stared reading. I won't go into the details, but I always knew it was harder being him in all of this especially regarding the boys. Sometimes we would trivialize it like, "I am going to be the most in-your-face angel you have ever seen. So don't screw up, or your will feel the whack on the side of your head!" I cried. I kissed all boys good night and then slipped into bed beside Grant grazing my foot over his. They say in cancer that when it is "touch and go" the patient needs a reason to live - I have mine. Happy Mother's Day, Ang

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