Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Late last week I had some bleeding and weird stuff happening down there, so I called the my colon/rectal doc. He was out all week, and the women in the office were like, "It is probably nothing, but he will want to see you." What they mean by "SEE" is literally that - SEEEEEEEE YOU!!!! I was concerned enough to make the appointment and I went in today. It is oddly convenient that he can see it without doing a PET scan and such, but it still isn't the best time I have ever had. The results were great. Still no tumor, but there is something like a healed over ulcer. That is the best way I can explain it. There are some REALLY BIG words that I am not able to remember and it was two hours ago. The ulcer is from radiation that has healed over, but with any bit of irritation it will break open and bleed. So, it is normal for people that have had radiation in their BUTT. Never fear it will continue to heal over the next two years and whatever my "situation" is at the end of two years will probably be my permanent situation. He said to me, "The alternatives are worse, right?" I looked at him and said, "UGH YES!" Hey, at least we are talking about years, right? So, he was happy, I was happy, the office staff was happy and I went home. Here is another little side note....I had to go to the endocrinologist and have my 10 year old goiter looked at and biopsied. All my doctors have always been worked up about my goiter. I have had so many biopsies I can't remember how many now. Well, as usual, it was benign and they don't want to remove even though it is big. I, of course, didn't want to go under the knife as I am fond of saying, "me and my goiter" to doctors - it trips them out. Apparently, all these years people we looking at my neck a bit too much and not close enough to my BUTT. Happy Wednesday, Me and my goiter


Anonymous said...

I like the sound of "Me and my goiter" but what the heck is a goiter??? I'm glad your goiter and your "bum" are doing great!!
It sounds like the name of a catchy new song, one that you need to write. Haha.
Happy Wed.

Anonymous said...

Don't you think everyone should find reasons to look at your butt more? Like the hot new jeans you more baggy pants for you!


Anonymous said...

In the thirty's there was a singer named Ted Lewis who had a 'signature song' called "Me And My Shadow" as though his shadow was his companion as he journeyed through life. Just you and your goiter could be your signature song when you open your act at the "Carcinogenic Follies Revue". I expect front row seating at the debut performance. Cancer is like an earthquake devastating at the begininng and followed my a series of frightening aftershocks. Like your parents I wish that I could protect you and shelter you from this disease, but I am just a mere mortal whose desire to help far exceeds his ability change things.
Our love is something we can and do send you. pat&mag