Thursday, April 10, 2008

Another 30 days....

It is very nice to go to two doctor's appointments and have them say, "The news just keeps getting better!" Yes, both appointments went VERY well. The first was with the colon/rectal surgeon, who did a rather thorough rectal exam and said things like, "Amazing. Great. Wow, this is amazing." I pretended he was looking at my butt, but I know he was focused on the tumor site. My butt is WAY out of shape anyway!!!! So, the good news is that I don't have to do that again for a while (struggling a little today from the thoroughness of it), bad news is that he wants me to go in for a colonoscopy at the end of June. Just to look at everything else up there. At least I am out for that! Then, I had my appointment with the oncologist. I knew his first question would be, "So, when is the last time you had a rectal?" See, I caught on...see the rectal doctor first so that you can say, "Twenty minutes ago, and don't even thing you are going up there! Talk to him!" Dodged that bullet!!!! He was trilled with me - my blood, my exam, everything. I cleared for another 30 days of freedom - oh how sweet that tastes. Okay, one story about Kauai and then, off to the bathtub I go.....When I was first diagnosed, some of the things I worried about is never seeing certain people again. Two of those people are in Chicago and New York. I adore them and consider them some of the best people I have ever known. So, their coming on the Kauai trip meant so much to me. We set up a dinner, just the three of us, and had an amazing time. We talked mainly about cancer, my journey, poop, etc. Then, when we were driving home in the topless Jeep, the stars were out, the breeze was just a bit cool and all I heard was our voices just like old times. Our bellies full of good food and drink, great conversation all in my favorite place. When we were just about to get out of the car, I told them that this is what I thought I would never see again - this moment, this perfect moment with the breeze on my neck and them so close to me. I started to cry. We all hugged and decided one more drink was in order before we left......don't worry it was in one of their rooms and it was a pretty bad interpretation of a Mai Tai.....luckily they got better toward the end of the week!!!! Happy Thursday, Ang


Anonymous said...

Hooray for you! Now the whole world knows what an over achiever you are. :)

As for me, apparently I can't make a mai tai to save my life. But I am looking forward to lots more opportunities to perfect that recipe with you.

Love you, sweetie, and see you soon.

Anonymous said...

I love your Kauai story. You make me cry. So glad you could share with good friends!!
On a very light note...just for you Ang. Go to and type in "Colorectal surgeon song" It will make you laugh so hard. Maybe you've already seen it but if you haven't it's worth a good laugh. Yeah!!! for the great appointments!! Here's to another 30 days!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anonymous, the song was great. Too bad colonoscopies werent commonplace when Gilbert and Sullivan were working, What an opera they could have done!
By the way that site in you tube has some great medical video on minimally invasive colon surgery. A person could probably spend a rainy Sunday afternoon just watching various 'ectomies'.
While you are in Maui you and the gang think up some fortune cookie messages for people with colon problems, I think it's a marketting opportunity that has not been explored. I would be willing to visit various Chinese resturants, have some egg foo yung and then pitch the new colon focused fortune cookie idea to the owner. Maggie thinks I am crazy but nothing new there.
Keep on healing and enjoying life.
love pat&mag