Saturday, September 8, 2018

Just like that he grew up....

Just like that and just like his brother,  Nolan does not want to cuddle me in the morning.  He is the reason I do not get up until he comes in.  When he just was talking and out of the crib, he said something like, “You wait for me, got it?!?!  This is MY time.”, pounding his chest like a little caveman.

While it broke my heart a little and, luckily the cats happily took his place, I had to find other things to keep the conversation going.  So, on Thursday, the glow of 6th grade had worn off and he was reluctant to get out of the truck.  I said, “Only two days until the weekend, and when you get sad, just think of how much you love me!  That should pass the time!” He rolled his eyes with his shrugged shoulders, threw his head back,  and said, “M..O..M, I already do that!”  Dumbstruck, he kissed me goodbye and, as soon as his feet hit the ground, he was talking to friends.

Damn, that kid is going to break my heart again and, probably, again.

Happy Saturday,


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