Sunday, January 8, 2017

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  Honestly, I was happy to say, "Good rid-ins" to last year!  Everyone I have ask also has said the same thing.......something was not right with 2016.  It was the year of the Monkey in the Chinese Calendar.......cancer has been a Monkey on my back.  Does that count?  I don't know....but enough research.....

Here are the holiday on recap....we went in the trailer (with the truck) to California.  Night one, we ran out of propane and froze our butts off.  Luckily, we had our pony propane tank for BBQing and used that...really?!?!?!!  San Jose, we went to a mall, with a trailer on December 20th.  Sounds crazy, but I forgot the pods to my Nespresso, and now you all get it.  I will do ANYTHING for a good cup of coffee.  Whinchester House, Santa Cruz beaches, the Mystery Spot, Hearst Castle, and then a little beach campground at Carpenteria where we spent Christmas.  Bottle nose dolphins, pozole brewing and Christmas lights run by RVs, 67 degrees and sun, and everyone asking us why we didn't have shoes on.....because it is summer!......Californian's are so spoiled.

I did this trip a few times with my parents.  I saw things I had not seen in 40 years.  I stressed Grant out on Hwy One by tailgating a tourist that got "Vista Point" and slowed down to 30 mph, but did not seem to understand, "It is illegal to have more than five cars behind you....." signs.  We had to do three point turns on the 17 mile drive due to construction.  Totally stressed Grant out.  I was fine.....once both directions stop for you, what is the worry?!?!?!!  lol.  Christmas was laundry, getting groceries and batteries, swimming in the ocean (boys), and our family which of course will need therapy because I made them all cry on Christmas Eve.  Maybe I am a horrible Mom, but I gotta say, I work endlessly to make sure their lives are literally perfect.  And when they say, "I would like my bunk a little wider." or "Well, I like being here, but the trailer is small.  Can we get something bigger to fit us????" or "FRICKING WHATEVER!!!!"  I lost my crap.

But Christmas was maybe it was a win....jury is still out.....which is funny......

My Dad was insistent in December that I schedule a annual meeting with their financial advisers. We booked two meetings and after the first of the year, we agreed on one.  So, I show up in January on my designated Wednesday and Dad is not there.  Mom says, "He got called to jury duty."  WHAT?!?!?!?!  So, I find out he has to show again the next week during the prescheduled financial meeting.  WHAT?!??!?!   "It is my civic duty," he says.  "Dad, you had to fill out a questionnaire to qualify.  Did you do that?" says me.  "Yes, and here is a copy."  he replies.  I look on the questionnaire, "Are you mental competent?"  Answer: Yes.  Sigh.  "So, Dad, how did it go today?" I said.  "I got kicked off for 'beyond a shadow of a doubt'." he replied.  "Really? (Shocker)"  And the conversation went on from there.  "So, when are we meeting with the financial adviser???" he says.  "I have to reschedule with him because of your jury duty...."  I reply.  "Angie, this is important, we need to see him....." he urges.  "Yes, Daddy....I know." and because he knows no better, I do not choke him, I just start all over again and reschedule.

Back to my life.....but I had 11 nights of no medical appointments or thousands of dollars in bills, no confusion, no craziness, and nails.  Yes, I found out you can grow nails.  They, unfortunately are all gone now.  Home has a way of doing that.  But I had eleven days.   I have seen Hank since...first scan since Cyberknife of Friday the 13th....I know, not my choice, but it my Mom's lucky day, so I took it.  Cross your fingers.

Happy Sunday, Ang


Anonymous said...

Fingers are crossed!!! Xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Angie, Your Dad seemed to have a great time at the Cablecraft final Christmas party. We think those events of renewing old friendships and talking old stories are good for him.