Wednesday, October 28, 2015

I may have underestimated this procedure.....ya think?!?!

So, yesterday, I was busy.  I got caught up on paperwork all day.  Mine, Neely's, PTA Councils until I had to get ready for my procedure.  I was not worried.  I was like go in, come out and back to life.  Well, not exactly.....

So, everything went well, I woke up after the procedure, got dressed, vaguely remember them telling me it went well - banded two medium and one large.  No complications.  The nurse told me again, no drinking, no signing documents, just an easy night at home.  Oh, and eating may be hard but just for a couple days.  Soft mushy food would be best.  (I made Beef Stew in the Crockpot.  Bad choice.)

We get to the car and I think I owe my Mom a million dollars because I think she paid for parking and my trip through McDonalds.  I never go to McDonalds, but I wanted a milkshake and fries.  The milkshake was DELICIOUS.  Like better than anything I had ever had in my life.  AMAZING.  Better than people, money, God, anything.  Clearly, a lot of drugs were involved.

Get home, and my milkshake was gone.  I was so sad.  Like super, super sad.  Like I wanted to cry sad.  The French fires hurt going down - first sign that had been delusional about this procedure. 

I am now just tired.  I say good night to the boys.  I wake up in the night and say, "OMG my throat hurts and my lower rib cage aches like a mother.  Second sign that I had been delusional this about procedure.

I get up in the morning and take my phone and start texting and, while I am thinking I am going downstairs, I run into my clothes in my walk in closet.  Third sign that I had been delusional....well you get it.....

So, I start to the switch the day all around WITHOUT me in it.  Boys walk to school (who knows where I would have taken them!), Mom picks them up and takes them to their doctor's appointment (write SIMPLY worded letter to doc about the switch), I cancel on my parents helping them with there bills (probably be in foreclosure if I did that!), and get Grant to take Nolan to soccer practice and where I am meeting another PTA member to sign checks with me (or him).  He was not thrilled with this, but when I looked at him he was like, "You just let me know and I will do it." with a "there is nothing in the world because you are the love of my life and I would do anything for you" tone.  Bettter.

Just when I think, I got this, I know this, "This don't have me"..........It has me and owns me.  FINE.  Hail to it, but I'll be back, maybe even tomorrow!!!!!!

Happy Wednesday, Ang

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