Tuesday, July 14, 2015

My Grandma's Service

My Grandma's Service was today.  We did lunch at the Falls Terrace in Olympia.  It was a restaurant she liked and she loved doing lunch.  The following was the "program" that I made for it. 

Myrtle Virginia Randolph
January 20, 1919 - May 17, 2015

Raised in Ewan, Washington, Virginia loved basketball and graduated at the top of her class; however, she regularly received below average marks for “Deportment”, something she embraced with both hands.  She was the first of five children of Hollis Dickerson and Lady Faye Smith.  She is survived by her son, Keith Clarno married to Sharon Clarno of Federal Way.  She had one granddaughter, Angela Clarno married to Grant Hainsworth of Kent, WA who brought her great joy with two great grandsons, Mason (10) and Nolan (8).  She was hard working, fierce, and always willing to help those she loved. 

Other facts:

Her lasting love was Floyd Randolph, her third husband, who nicknamed her “Toughy”.

She had another son.  William Cary Clarno unfortunately died within two weeks of birth.  While she rarely spoke of him, in her final years she referred to her “boys”.

She “Lettered” in High School Basketball.

Two prize possessions – her Bible and her Crossword Dictionary.

Famous Virginia Quotes:

“Thing.”  “Thing” was put in the place of all words she could not remember.  When she started to lose her memory, she never said “thing” again.

“Good ol’ days?!?!  What were those?!?!?  Think of life without plastic!?!?!  Really, think of life without plastic?!?!?!”

“So, if you think you should do something that sounds like a great opportunity and someone else says that is ‘stupid’ and you listen to them, who is really stupid?”

She will be missed, but never forgotten.
Everyone had beautiful stories about her, and they were genuine.  The most touching part was at dessert when both my boys ordered and finished a piece of carrot cake.  There was plenty on the menu, but that was her favorite that we brought to her each birthday and they remembered.
Maybe I did something right, or maybe it was Grandma.
Happy Tuesday, Ang


Mariela Gomez said...

I,m so sorry Ang!!! I remember her so well, I still have a blanket she made for me. She might rest in peace!! Give a big hug to Keith with all muy heart. Love you guys!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes it was Grandma
I am sure she was there that day.
What a nice lunch
You did good Angie.