Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I am posting twice in the same day

and you will see why, so read both!  First, my update....the last week has been the best and the worst....my Aunt came to watch over me since we were starting a new drug and I had send Grant on a golf trip (that was good).  When I was trying to call my neighbors to help us with the yard waste bin and I could not figure out how that was bad.  I watch most of Downton Abby (for the second and third time), that was good.  When I was sleeping for 15 hours a day, that was bad.  On Thursday I felt worthless, that was bad.  On Friday, Trina (my neighbor) called me and said, "We are going to Yogurtland!", that was good.  On Saturday, we went on a bike ride WITH MY NEW BIKE WITH A SEAT AS BIG OR BIGGER THAN MY HEAD, with all of us and Mia (neighborhood friend), and I was behind looking at my amazing, beautiful family and believing cancer couldn't touch us.  That was good.  When Mia wanted to ride beside me, which put me in the car lane and I said, "Mia, I have worked to hard to die by a car hitting me." and she responded with, "You are right.  I will ride on the sidewalk.  You can have the bike lane."  She is nine.  That was funny.  Sunday we hung out at my parents and Mason drove the "tractor" for the first time by himself.  I took him out and when I was leaving for the lower pasture I said to Dad, "Why can't he do this alone?  By seven, I was mowing pastures (for my Grandparents)."  He said, "Different time, different family."  He really shouldn't have sent me to Gonzaga if he didn't want me to learn logic arguments.  As soon as we got to the lower pasture, I got off, slowed down the throttle, reminded Mason how "wide" he was on the machine, talked about rocks and holes, and let him go.  By the end, he was weaving in and out of the trees.  He was glowing with pride.  Dad saw me up top and said to Grant, "Should have known she would do that."  Yep, he shoulda since I have HIS BLOOD RUNNING THROUGH MY VEINS.  Sunday night my colon rebelled.  That was bad.  Monday, I was up and Grant and I did a HUGE clean up in the yard.  That was good.  Grant is so funny - I say, "I think we should move that plant."and he says, "Yeah, that is a good idea."  After 17 years, I know that we will now "think about it" for a couple years.  So, I pull it out of the ground and stick it where I want it and he says nervously (because he is scared FOR THE PLANT), "I guess we are doing it now?!?!?!?"  If not now, when?  I could be dead!  That was funny. Monday night, I went to my Aunt Marsha's house (Alana, my cousin's Mom) and had Indian food.  YUM.  That was good.  The roller coaster was predictable, but not easier when you are in the low.  I see my therapist on Thursday - probably a really good thing.  Now, onto the next post......

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