Friday, May 11, 2012

Five years

Five year ago this month, I found out I had this terrible wretched "condition".  Five years ago this month I didn't know if I would see Nolan's first steps or Mason's first day of school.  Five years ago this month, I raged at God for giving me these two precious boys and then taking their Mom away from them.  Five years ago this month, I met my oncologist.  He was the only one that gave me hope.  He refused to give me odds, but did say if I didn't get treatment, I would die.  He say to me without blinking that I may be the one to raise my boys and take care of my parents in their old age.  I clung to his words and, while wondering how good of a liar he was, believed him.  Monday he gave me a number - the odds I had so wanted so badly five years previous. It went something like this....(me cocky as ever) "Hey, you know it has been five years, right?  I told you I would be in the top 10%."  He smiled and said, "I just noticed that too."  pause "And, by the way, you are going in the top 1."  My cockiness gone.  Me silent.  That is a good number.  Exhale.  Happy Friday, Ang


Anonymous said...

So happy for you! Enjoy this beautiful weekend and especially your Mother's Day because YOU will be raising those 2 beautiful boys and taking care of your parents:-)
Happy Day!

auntie jane hainsworth said...

Amazingly wonderful 1%.

Anonymous said...

If I remember right you got the news from Grant who took the call on May 18th, what an accomplishment for you to fight this crud to a standstill and then push it back. Congratulations for your success!!!!
love to you and your gang, pat&mag

Kari George said...

Keep on trucking babe!...'cause you ARE gonna be around for at least another 5 years! (5 at a time, ya know?)

Anonymous said...

I would expect no less! You are always in the top 1% of everything you do. Awesome news. Sending you a BIG hug. Xoxoxoxo ^..^

Anonymous said...

The top 1%? Yes, that sounds about right. So happy for you, your family and extended fam. (We know who we are.)