Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Things that make me fall to my knees....

Mason had a substitute teacher and he asked her how old she was.  She said, "Older than dirt."  Next day, she asked Mason if he told his Mom how old she was and he replied, "No because I don't know how old dirt is."

Mason wrote for his writing assignment, "I learned police use radar guns to make sure we do not speed otherwise it would (wood) be a ......"  and then he looks at me and asked how to spell "calamity".

Nolan is in the back of the truck and somehow he earned two lollipops.  He finished one and said, "Mummy!  Look back here.  See I am done!  I need my next one!" with his eyebrows up like, "HELLO!!!!"

The Vice Principle of Mason's school stopped me and said, "I have to tell you he is such a great kid.  Did you know that he read his MLK assignment in front of the entire school?  (617 students)  He did SUCH a great job!  We are so lucky to have him here."

"Your blood work looks better than it has in two years and I think your spleen is FINE."  Hank

"Everything feels great down here.  I think we did it but see me every three month JUST in case."  Colorectal Surgeon

That was just last week.

I fall to my knees each time (clearly not literally - that would be WEIRD)...I pray for seeing these things I never thought I would see, for hope that I might see them grow up, for a chance, and for the moment.

Happy Tuesday, Ang


Heidi said...

You just made my day and I should know because I'm older than duct tape!

Laurie said...

Oh honey, you deserve every wonderful moment that comes your way. Hooray for you, and a double hooray for those boys of yours. I think Mason is ready for a dictionary!

Anonymous said...

Amen, Ang

Anonymous said...

You always make me smile. Miss you Ang-Lisa

Be joyful always.
1Thessalonians 5:16

Anonymous said...

Angie- Somehow you can always bring a smile to our faces- the boys are hilarious! So what has been going on in Feb?

Happy Valentine's Day- thinking about you.


joanne g said...

does the "see me ever 3 months" mean you don't need surgery? Or, did you have surgery and it was successful? Hope you are well and had a great Valentine's day.