Thursday, January 19, 2012

State of Emergency??? COME ON!

According to our Governor, we are in a State of Emergency.  Yeah, it has been snowing.  There is freezing rain which it good for pictures and one our our trees has lost five major branches.  Yes, there is an ice storm, but my power is on (good part of living less than a mile from a jail) and besides being stuck in the house, really an emergency?  So, the airport is closed and the highways are a "treacherous".  Their word not mine.  Pierce County police responded to 232 car accidents in 16 hours.  Is it a State of Emergency or operator error??? This is nothing compared to my Dad hearing there is a small craft advisory on the Strait of Juan de Fuca and saying, "Hang on Angie.  We're going to go get a camp site!" or after Mt. St. Helen's blew and we were told to stay put and my Dad said, "Tie this hanker-chef around your mouth.  We 're outta here."  State of Emergency - my ass!  Speaking of that.....I called my doctor's office today saying, "Hey, do we have all the info from the throat guy to make some decisions today?"  Answer - no.  Do I have to come in?  I will - no big deal. I have a babysitter since every school in the world is closed, but if some JACKASS hits my car I have no budgeted line item for "JACKASS hitting my car and need a new one".  Apparently, I that is a REALLY good argument and I remain low on the "Going to Die" list, so another week away from there.  In addition, long stretches in the house with your children teach  you what your children listen to.....Nolan quote of the day, "Mommy, I don't have to take a bath.  (I was a little worried about loosing power and wanted to be clean if/when we did.)  Our power lines are underground."  I am thinking, you are FOUR - how do you know that?  So I say, "How do you know that?"  "You told me!  And we talked about transformers and power stations...." As he babbles on, I remember our conversation and think, how come he can't remember to put away his clothes, wash his hands, and eat his carrots?!?!?!?!  "And the power comes from where it is generated, by a Dam or something like that, through the lines, to a power station......"  R..E..A..L..L..Y?  COME ON!!! Happy Snow Day, Ang

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Karen said...

He is SO going to be an engineer!