Thursday, April 9, 2009

Well, that was fast...

So, my oncologist called last night which was really fast. I told him I wasn't expecting a call until Friday night or Monday and he replied with, "I can call back if you like." FUNNY FUNNY HA HA. Okay, there is good news and bad news. The good news is that the cancer has not spread to anywhere else. The bad news is that my spots are not gone and one is measuring bigger by 1mm. (There is a level of error to this so it may or may not be "bigger".) He feels that we are (finally!) at the stage that we need to talk to a lung surgeon and CUT IT OUT. He said and I quote (loosely), "I think we just want to get these guys out of there and with the fact that it hasn't spread the is a possibility that we may just be done with this." DONE. That is right - done. Of course, I would be monitored like crazy and watched like a hawk, but I may be done. I had to let that sink in a bit, but I also had been expecting something like this. I knew in my heart it wasn't gone and, as I have shared with some of you, I have always believed that "three" would be a factor in this journey. Three years, three protocols, three something. Just a feeling I got deep in my soul. Maybe from my guardian angel that has been watching over me this entire time, I am not sure, but the message was always three. As if I was to hang on, expect, anticipate, "three". So, when my oncologist said, "So, you ready for this?" I replied, "You're the man and I am going to do what you think is best. Let's do it. When?" He said, "Someone will call you tomorrow, met with him next week, and then we will schedule surgery." (I later emailed him asking if I could have some private time in a room after surgery with my removed tissue and a hammer. He didn't respond. I guess that is a no.) My recovery time will vary tremendously based on how the surgeon will do the procedure. Some methods are one week; others are six, but let's just remember that this is my trifecta (sp - I don't gamble much). I have never been lucky at the track or in Vegas, but I have always been lucky with my health. I had two single pregnancies from one egg retrieval and two transfers (one fresh; one frozen) and only with five embryos total. Do you know the odds of that??? They were about the same as me getting Stage Four Rectal Cancer to the lungs. What were the odds of me keeping my hair? Of living this long??? Of being able to live after 30 treatment of full on chemotherapy only having to reduce on additive. Never needing fluids, Vitamin B shots, only being hospitalized once for a migraine - not cancer. My oncologist or one of my nurses said to me once, "Clearly, the rules don't apply to you. You shouldn't have gotten this, you should have lost your hair, you should look sick, etc. Clearly, the rules don't apply." Maybe they don't. A long time ago through my tears I looked in my oncologist eyes and asked what my odds were. He refused to tell me. He did say they were not in my favor and I replied with, "I am an only child, niece, and only grandchild. Who will take care of them?" He looked straight at me held my hand and said, "Maybe you." I believed him then, I believe him now, and for the first time in a long time I am planning out more than six months. I think I may just be the happiest person this lung surgeon will ever met. I will be like, "Dude, when can I get on the table!" So, I am practically gleeful that, at least for now, I can believe that I will be done (as least of a while). Thank you for all your prayers, thoughts, crossed fingers and toes. They make a difference I am sure. Happy Friday, Ang P.S. I started this post on Thursday night, but didn't complete it until Friday - That is why the date says Thursday April 9th....


Anonymous said...

I am crying and thrilled all at the same time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had the same feeling that you will be alright!!!



Anonymous said...

I never thought I would be so happy about someone getting to have lung surgery!!!!

Jill said...

Ben woke up today and has been pretending to be Tinkerbell all day today... he has never done that before. Now maybe I know why - maybe he knew you'd have good news!! YAY!

leslie kendall said...

YIPPEEEEE!!!!! I am SO happy for this to be behind you - pun intended :)
Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...the number 3???

How about "Third times the charm," which usually means that the third time a person attempts something, he or she will succeed.

Better about that in Chinese culture the number 3 is considered good because it sounds like the word "alive."

Well, guess I'll stop there. It is after all almost 3 pm and I should be working!!!!

Oh for Grant! In both American and Canadian Football, the number of points received for a successful feld goal is of course 3.

Oh crap (no pun intended) let us not forget that the tricolon is often used for rhetorical effect. And, I know you live for metaphor.

Love to you An-ge-la !!!

Anonymous said...

Have you seen this?
Take alook and enjoy!!!
Tomorrow is going to be great.
Your unmet friend.