Thursday, April 9, 2009


So, my scan is this morning and all I am doing is trying to fix normal life has done its number of little inconveniences to me this week. First, my laptop has a virus. One that the more you try and fix it, the more it destroys your computer. When I broke down and called HP they said, "Did you make recovery disks?" I said, "No, the documentation said that you can do it without disks." They replied with, "Well, if you read it closely, it says you should make disks." It does in 4 point type on the BOTTOM OF THE PAGE that says in 24 point type, "Restore WITHOUT DISKS!" (Seriously, my Mom purchased this laptop for me when I was diagnosed in 2007 to take to the cancer center and have downstairs, so I didn't have to do the stairs all the time. You really think I was going to read all the documentation for back up disks???? I didn't think I was going to be around long enough to use them?!?!?! Is that a silver lining?? That I am here long enough to have a virus???) So, a $125 bucks later and a new one year warrantee agreement later, the disks are on the way. Then, I have misplaced my cellphone. I would like to say someone stole it, but it was too pathetic to steal. Maybe we will find it today. Then, my Grandma calls last night at 9:30pm and said her wallet is missing and she believes it was stolen. I went over what was in it and she said, "Well, the normal stuff...Social Security Card, Checkbook, ID, Key to the building, etc. etc. etc." I am like, fabulous. (Didn't you get the memo NOT to carry your entire identity with you????) Well, we need to change your bank accounts, get a new id, new ssc, etc. etc. etc. Then, I realize that I can't do any of that because I will be in a scan when the banks open and will not be able to do really anything outside the house until bank close on Thursday. So, I get to call my Dad this morning at 5:00am, but Mom answered. I explained everything and we reworked the schedule of events this morning to make it possible for Dad to help Grandma this morning and possibly still get to Mason for pick up. Mom is watching Nolan since he doesn't have school and Karissa is dropping Mason at school this morning so that my Mom can take Nolan to indoor gym. Confused?? Well, add this in, I am going to ask Karissa to look for my cellphone at Preschool when she drops Mason in the art closet where I was planning next week's art project. If you have ever been in a preschool art closet, you know what I am saying. It is organized, yet so chaotic I broke into a sweat upon entering it. I have to have her do it because, my Dad would run from the art closet screaming, and preschool closes for the weekend right after Thursday class. Okay, big breath. So, after downloading today's schedule to my Mom and she working it all out for me she said, "Now, Angie, this is all going to be fine. Your Dad will take care of his Mother, Karissa will find the cellphone if it is to be found, and I will make sure the boys are to and from everything, but here is the thing I need you to do - take care of yourself today, or I am going to get really mad." (Mad is scary in my family.) And I start to cry. All of this could be so much easier if I didn't have these scans, treatment, appointments, etc. I could handle all of it, but I can't and I am humbled by all the people I effect everyday. So, you may be asking, why don't you do this when the kids are in day care on Fridays. My mom and Karissa won't let me - they say Fridays are for see why I cry????? Gotta go get dressed and in the car for my scan. Cross your fingers that ALL of this works out - love, Ang


Gem said...

I will be thinking about you today when i'm at school!!

Unknown said...

Your Mom is right - You need a day to yourself!

Haley said...

oh my dear ang. i hope you find your cell phone - i too have seen the inside of that art closet and it can be scary! i will not bother crossing my fingers, but i will pray: lifting you and your family before the throne of the God of grace. may his peace that passes all understanding rule in your hearts, and may his power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead be at work within you.

Anonymous said...

For someone with a serious illness you live an exciting turbulent life. Some advice about the person that ventures into the closet of chaos, tie a rope around their waist so you can pull them back if things get too scary. Thank God you are here and have these problems to deal with. Our love to you and your family. pat&mag