Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Of those that are still reading my blog, many of you have asked me, "Who is Pat and Mag?" You love their posts, laugh out loud, and praise me for having them in my life. I take no credit on the last one. They chose me. I had NO IDEA what an honor that would be until way after it happened. I was that naive. I have always prided myself on be a good judge of character, but I missed them completely. They sneak up on you or something - I am still not sure that is how sneaky they are! Anyway, enough about me. Here is your answer.....Patrick and Maggie are are quite simply, two amazing people. They make you laugh when you want to cry and make sure the tissue is available when you do want to cry, because everyone needs to cry even if it is from laughing. I adore them both, but for ENTIRELY different reasons. For those of you who know them, you know EXACTLY what I am talking about and for those of you that don't, may you meet them someday. I have been thinking about them a lot this past week because, unfortunately, even amazing people are not exempt from the pain of cancer. They recently lost a family member to it. So, while they were fighting cancer in their family, they made time to post on my blog religiously, follow my progress, and cook meals that they delivered from over a hour away. You see how amazing they are? So, for all of you that loved pat&mag posts, say a prayer for them tonight - they are in mine. Love, Ang


Anonymous said...

I will definately be praying for Pat & Mag. They seem like amazing people and I always love what they write to you.
The "C" word seems to hit every family these days in some way.
I still read your blog faithfully and love to see how you are treasuring each moment with your friends and family. Life is too fragile...Love 'em all up!!! Enjoy your day, hope the sun comes out!
Your unmet friend

Anonymous said...

Dear Angela: How sweet you are to write those nice falsehoods about your 'elderly' friends. You know how difficult it is to lose someone so dear to your heart as Maggie's brother Ward. He was not only a pioneering researcher in Cardiology, head of the division of Cardiology at the U. W. School Of Medicine and early developer of the Angiogram (the Heart's version of the colonoscopy) but he was also a gifted Trombone player. He organized a Jazz band in College that was good enough to be sent on tour by the U. S. O. to play for the Armed Forces all over the world. Later he organized a 7 member Jazz band out here in Seattle, "The Ain't No Heaven Seven" I think the name was chosen to represent the music rather than as a statement of existential truth.Twice he saved my life, once by helping me through by-pass heart surgery and later through two brain operations. The second of which was literally life saving.I guess this is all by way of telling you what a wonderful human being Ward Kennedy was and what a large hole has been left in the fabric of our family's lives.I have a record of Paul Robeson singing that meloncholy spiritual "Look Down That Lonesome Road Before You travel On", it captures my mood. Thank you Angela and thanks to your fellow travelers, pat&mag