Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Life at warp speed....

As I get stronger and stronger, we go faster and faster. In the past few weeks, we have started upgrading the kitchen, assembled a cedar shed, assembled a swing set, and gone to DISNEYLAND. Yep, Disneyland - more on that in a bit. I wonder if we are trying get back the year I was sick, or maybe it is that we are not waiting for anything anymore. Maybe it is we are thinking that we must do everything right now right this very minute so that we don't have to worry about it if I get sick again. Or, maybe this how normal people are who feel well. I am not sure I will ever know for sure, but what I know is that everyday I wake up, I look at the clock and think, "One more day.....thank you." As for all the house projects, Grant and I decided two things. The first, to stay in our house instead of moving (which was the original plan before cancer) and, the second, was to do what we always wanted to the house and not stress so much about spending the money. Hence, PROJECTS. Will they never end?????? On to Disneyland - that is a happier topic! What a place! What I think is funny is that only one person asked me why I was going like it was a crazy idea and I responded with, "Doesn't everyone go to Disneyland when something goes extremely wrong or, in my case, extremely right?" Yes, my kids are too young, but this trip was for me and so they had pictures with their Mom at Disneyland - just in case. Mason loved everything I thought he wouldn't like and didn't like everything I thought he would. Favorite part? For me, there were two things. First, it was Nolan staying awake in the long line for Nemo and then falling asleep during the ride. Second, it was Mason asking to go on Autopia with me and insisting that I drive. HUGE COMPLIMENT FROM A KID WITH A TRUCK. For Mason, Tigger, Lighthing McQueen, and Donald Duck - HANDS DOWN. For Nolan, was there anything he didn't like? When Mason would get scared on a ride, Nolan was like, "BRING IT ON DUDE!!!" The weird part was, Grant, Mason, and I all got sick for 12 hours. Luckily, it went in a line so that we were not all sick at the same time. WEIRD. Well, it is back to reality and I have my oncologist appointment tomorrow. Hopefully, I get clearance for another 30 days cause we have camping booked, bark to spread, etc. etc. etc.! ;) Happy Tuesday!

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leslie kendall said...

SOOOOO glad you are not moving out of the hood!
Have a great appointment today -