Thursday, December 20, 2007


It has been a long but wonderful day!!! I am done with radiation. After the glorious last treatment, lots of hugs, and butt wiggles, I went upstairs to see my oncologist for my marching orders. When he saw me, he said, "You have done amazingly well with these two treatments and now you need a rest." I am thinking - what is doing poorly?!?!?! That must really stink!!!! Then I thought - WAIT did he say rest??? So, I asked, "What do you mean rest?" He replied with, "Well, you have been at this for a while and everyone needs a rest, so we will start on January 7th." I was like, "No, we discussed December 31st." He looked at me, tilted his head, and said, "I know you think you have done very well and your blood is in good shape, and you have done well, but your body needs a rest. We will start on the 7th" I was like, "But..." "The 7th m'dear." F-I-N-E. So, I start again on the 7th. I left the building and realized that I have more than two weeks.....a two week vacation from cancer. That sounds pretty darn good like a surprise Christmas gift that you didn't see coming. Merry Christmas to ME!!!! Love, Ang


Unknown said...

Angie, A 2 week vacation, horray!! I am so excited to get to drive you again on the 7th. Lots of stories to tell, of course. I remember my last radiation treatment and what a sense of accomplishment, yours is WAY harder than mine but still so wonderful to be done. Being able to help the next scared lovely person kind of makes the day worthwhile. I still remember the words of love and knowledge the helped me. I know anyone who gets your help is blessed. Love Elaine

Anonymous said...

On the first Monday of June you wrote:
"So, with that, I leave you to the blog to explain..... as this process will take a minimum of four to six months.
All my love,
6.5 months later you you have reached your 1st goal. As an observer standing outside and looking from Vashon, it has been a helluva trip. You have done a MAGNIFICIENT JOB!! This Christmas enjoy as you have never enjoyed and take a little time to rest.
All our love to you and those you love, Merry Christmas! pat&mag

Anonymous said...


I was thinking of you yesterday when I was up having my cancer treatment at Fred Hutch. I even mentioned to my husband it was your last radition on the same day. See, you are not far from our hearts and minds. Have a fabulous holiday season. Thinking only good thoughts for you, love, Pam