Sunday, November 4, 2007

Halloween Part II

November 1st was Halloween Part II in my neighborhood. I was so excited. I dressed Nolan up in his Tigger outfit. He was a little annoyed with the hood, but he took it in stride. Mason was another story. He was tired from Treat or Treating at Preschool on Tuesday and out with the big kids at Karissa's on Wednesday. So, there was a fair amount of coaxing that went into getting his Tigger outfit on. (Yep, both boys were Tigger. Remember, Tigger was really popular a while back and we have a lot of hand-me-down costumes. Plus, Tigger is one of Grant's favorites so it is an easy sell on us!) I finally found the right bargaining tool and said, "If you put on your costume, you get to go to the Manca's (our neighbors)." On it went, and off we went. He didn't mess up this time since he had a lot of practice earlier in the week. (At Karissa's he said, "Happy Birthday!" at one house.) He told all the neighbors what we were doing and how many houses we had left. Grace and Sam Manca went around with us, and the funniest part was when Grace and Sam Trick or Treated at our house. Mason was a little hesitant to give them candy, but he sucked it up and did. We came home, counted our candy, took pictures (which I will get on the blog soon), and went directly to sleep. Both my Tiggers went easily and quickly dreaming of candy, jack o lanterns in the neighborhood, and pumpkins. So, really, in the end, it was the perfect Halloween for everyone. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Love, Ang

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leslie kendall said...

Thank you for bringing the boys over Ang - they looked adorable - and sorry for calling Mason Winnie the Pooh - I get my characters mixed up sometimes! I think we should do it every November 1st!
Have a great day -