Thursday, September 19, 2019

Well, I thought I had a plan...

So, the plan was Cyber all week and Keytruda on Friday.  Well, on Tuesday I got a call that said, "Hi!  I am confirming your procedure tomorrow."  I was like, "I have a procedure tomorrow?"  "Yes, it was moved up from Friday."  I replied with, "I have a procedure on Friday?"

Here is the gist....Keytruda postponed until next week, but a rigid broncoscopy is on like Donkey Kong.  It is surgery under general, but it will clear out my lungs of all this "crap" I am coughing up.  The last one I coughed up was right after bible study.  Like, I went to my car and cough cough - 1 inch my 1.5 inch tumor/crap/junk comes flying out.  Thank you God for waiting till I got out of your house!  I reported it to Hank and he was done.  Hence the speed in which this was done even without the patients knowledge.  I met the Doc after I signed all the consents which is a little backwards.  He has wild hair and called himself a plumber.  He is super confident in what he does and I had to slow him down a couple times - which he did quite nicely.  I think he may be asked to do that A LOT.  He seems to think he can stop my coughing and for that I am grateful.  All the docs working on me now are discussing what would help them and if he can do this for that, etc., for which again, I am grateful.  Today,  I am sore - between all the coughing and Cyber, my chest hurts, but that may be cleaned up tomorrow.  So, last Cyber today.  Surgery tomorrow.

Note:   I found out yesterday his nickname is "Flash" for Flash Gordon (Gorden being his last name).  SMILE - "Flashy, yes Flashy will do JUST fine."

Happy Thursday,



Anonymous said...

Hopefully it will help with all your coughing and help with your pain.
Thinking of you and sending good wishes and hugs for all the upcoming procedures.
Love ya

Pete Clement said...

Hang in there girl. YOU can do this.
Pete "Clemmy"

Unknown said...

You got this! 🥰

Allison Holo said...

I love your spunk, your strength, your intelligence AND your calm! Love you, Allison

millicent Archer said...

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