Thursday, May 26, 2016

Just an update, but what a whirlwind.....

Life has been going as life goes.  Things were busy last week - two student leadership events and then Mason.  I say "Mason" because he has been having a tough time at school.  Behavior in the class is a bit crazy and Mason does not like the horns on the last day of school, so a noisy classroom is horrible for him.  He goes under his desk.  He refuses to come out.  He finally does, but is excused to the ramp outside the portable.  I do not know what to say about the rest, but it lead us down a path of seeing if he was suicidal.  From every account and from every resource, he is not.  He now however has all the crisis hotlines in his notebook for him, or for anyone else.  Not the best week, but I had to go on.  Every week I have also been experiencing mini migraine headaches.  Rather than days, they last a couple hours and I am tired for the rest of the day.  They are not horrible, but I can't drive and I am scared to leave home.  Weird.  So I am home a lot and I remember that they had adjusted a new medication to lower my heart rate further so that I would not burst a varicies (sp).  Remember....."It would be a shame for you to bleed out after everything we have done comment?"  So, I contact the docs.  They both freak out a little and I am like, "I think it is the medication.  I am not at death's door.  I have done that....definitely not there."  They lower my dosage back down and tell me to stay in touch.  I will, but all will be fine. I am sure it is the medication.

At the same time of all of this, we get involved in something we were planning on PRE KITCHEN flood.  A Travel Trailer.  One is used that we like and we get down to making an offer and if was not accepted.  Oh well.  I have SUPER fond memories of camping in the camper with my family and friends.  I know just enough to be dangerous and, like my Grandma, I want what I want and if not, I do not want it.  Seems that Travel Trailers are such emotional purchases and they all just prey on your emotions.....I have none.  It is a fun game.  Funny part is that, again, I am looking at used and economical and Grant is finding "new" at an "extremely fair deal".  Roll eyes.....he is going to get something else new....AGAIN.  Time will tell.....

So, medication adjusted, Grant spending money like water and wanting to go on a road trip for his 50th birthday and park in front of Sandy's house in Toronto for the mileage of it all, and boy important stuff, I am busy and tired and praying and hoping and wanting to put a blanket over my head.

This has to work out, right?!??!

Happy Thursday,



Unknown said...

Yep. With you at the helm, it will.

And I get the kiddo thang. Some kids have a hard time adjusting to transitions and sensory overload, is all. It just does not always "fit" into classroom mileus. He has had to handle a lot; could be nerves, too. Like you, he'll be alright.

Take that vacation and enjoy the heck out of it!

Anonymous said...

Life goes on my good friend !
Looking forward to seeing you next week and catching up
Maybe we better plan at least 3 hours !!!!!!!

Love ya