Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Hey y'all!  Here is my Christmas letter, but please pay most attention to the email that I sent NORAD Santa Tracker on Christmas Eve we go!!!!

2015 is over?!  Well let’s get to it before it is 2017!  We lost my Grandmother, Virginia, in May, but truth be told she was ready.  Not sure God was...  I work with my parents each week because, well, my Dad is losing his memory and my Mom has never paid a bill in her life.  She is doing swimmingly with all the finances and, despite my Father’s fear, she is not spending it all.  Aging is hard. When I met Grant, I said, “I understand if you want to live to and fro, but I have responsibilities, and they are here.”  All of them are coming due.  Thank God for my good fortune.  Mason is playing goalie for hockey.  He is doing well, but it is hard.  No matter what is going on with the team…you still are the goalie.  Grant is one of the bazillion hockey coaches.  Nolan is doing soccer and basketball, but has his eye on touch football.  We knew this a long time ago when he took Mason out at the shins and I shuddered.  OMG – he is a football guy.  I am still over involved in PTA, but that will change as my President office term has run out.  I’m sure I will find another job – there is always more to do.

Yes, my kitchen flooded.  Yes, Nolan got stiches right next to his eye.  Life happened.  But Nolan can see, and my kitchen will be all that I wanted it to be – EVER.  You can’t want what you wish for, you have to want what is granted.

Best in 2016, Angela, Grant, Mason, and Nolan

Okay, so that was the Christmas Letter.....but Christmas Eve came, Nolan fought sleep because he wants to "KNOW", and then thank you letter to all the people at NORAD.  There response.....MERRY CHRISTMAS, and with your permission I would like to share this with our team.  Permission granted.

So thankful for you.....

My boys are 8 and 11.  I was diagnosed with Stage Four Cancer colorectal cancer that spread to my lungs when they were 4 mos and 26 mos.  The Christmas was 2007 was supposed to be my last.  Life became all about staying close to home, yet every year you brought the world to us. 

We watch EVERY year.  Even though my 11 year old knows all there is to know about the ins and outs of Santa, my 8 year old's last words to me before he feel hopelessly asleep tonight was, "Where is Santa?" sleepily.  I said, "Iowa...."  And as he floated off to sleep, he whispered, "He is close Mommy...."

Over 90 treatments of chemo, bilateral lung surgery, more surgeries to my pelvis than I choose to track, radiation to my pelvis and lungs, several ablations to my lungs, and some other radiation I can't even remember, I am still here and we do NORAD Santa Tracker every year.

Thank you for being some of my greatest memories that I never thought I would see.

Merry Christmas.  Better get to bed before Santa gets here (Seattle, WA).


Angela Clarno
Mason and Nolan's Mom

Merry Christmas.....

Grant, Angie, Mason, and Nolan

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