Tuesday, October 30, 2012

It worked!

Happy day!  All three markers showed up on the scan.....I start next week!  And I found health insurance, even better than my last plan, thank you Brent!  Yeah!  And the soccer trophies got done in time for the last game, and Nancy is bringing dinner tonight, thank God, cause I have been at the Cancer center since 10:30 and still waiting for my last appointment.  Mason is warming to the word cyberknife, but that is because Nolan says it CONSTANTLY to scare him.  Gotta love brothers!  So when I was with Hank this morning, I said, "So, this works.  What do I do then?"  "We go the remission schedule.  I see you once a month and scan every three." he replies.  Unprepared for the simplicity of it all, I said, "Remission by Tuesday after next.  (pause) I think I can do that.  Yep, I am available."  Love, Ang


Anonymous said...

Best news ever!!!
Enjoy your Halloween!
Your unmet friend!

Jill said...

Great news!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'm thrilled for you... still keeping you in my prayers and have my fingers and toes crossed.

Steve Chamberlin said...

Hi, Ang. This is the best post on your blog since your last post. :) Let's keep this up, shall we?

I left a message for your sons on my blog. Cyberknife may have found its fun side.

I couldn't be any happier reading this post. Thank God for little gold markers, scary cyberknifes, and two charming young sons.

Sarah S said...

Awesome news!!!

Dawn Finlayson said...

That's great news!! YEAH!!!!

Anonymous said...

You continue to be an inspiration and our hearts and prayers are with you always. Love pat&mag