Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Do not worry I didn't jump off a bridge...

Saturday came just like Mom said and everything that was wrong was right with the world. The silver lining to all this was I slept so much during my depressive state I have a great weekend and week. Actually, more like best ever....here is what we did. Jane left for Vancouver Sunday return TBD, Monday we went to visit Alana and had lunch while using Cutco knives-I love a good home party and I now love Cutco knives! Need a rep? I know a great one! Let me know! Tuesday we went to the King Tut exhibit. Karissa, the kids and I. It was really good to talk about dead people and all the vases their organs went in for 4 hours-kids "dig" that crap! Then, Wednesday, Mason, Nolan, and I went on a helicopter ride of Seattle. I got a screaming deal on the internet and the boys were great. They LOVED talking on the headset about the Space Needle, where the Mariners play, and train tracks. Todd, our pilot, was so great with them. Thank you Todd! Thursday they went to "school" and I tried to recover from the busy week. I did have two things to do - Staples for school supplies and one follow up Doctor's appt for my ingrown toenail surgery. Didn't tell you about that?!?! Yeah, I squeezed that one in on July 6th. Everyone told me it was going to hurt and I could not possibly drive myself home. My response, "They have taken both of my lungs out of my body, cut, stapled, and some thing else to them and put them back in. Not to mention two surgeries on my butt....". You know, that is a conversation closer. Imagine? At Staples, I worked my magic, and got $142.00 of school supplies for two kids for $37 bucks. I got the nice stuff to...Elmer's, nice binders, kid headphones, etc. I know I can be freaky sometimes, but when you are home as much as I am, you have time to plot and plan. I do the same with airline tickets. When we went to Kauai last, we paid something like $840 for all of us to go.....I know...and Toronto $346, again that is not each, it is all of us. Okay, back to the story.....so, usually on the days without kids I dress up a little and this day I was wear all light colors. Unfortunatly, the cart at Staples nailed me in the thumb and I started to bleed. I did not realize it until it was on my pants. Good look. I finish shopping, went to my doc appt and went through seven band aids on the way. Good news, my toes look great. "When are you back in chemo?" he asked. I reply, " I started back two weeks ago!". He looked at me and said, "Your toes look amazing....I cannot believe it with your immune system and all.". I smiled thinking, "Yeah, we'll that is the miracle of me!". Bad news, I was wasn't paying attention to my wound and I bleed all over my shirt, pants, and now legs......apparently I am not all that. He cleaned me up, gave me a new band aid and asked if I would be okay. I replyed, it is just a scratch -damn blood thinners! Off I went, straight home to change my clothes before picking up the kids looking like an axe murderer. Got kids, got home, and woke up on Friday to thunder and lightning. We were supposed to go camping, which we did on Saturday morning. It was a blessing because it gave Grant and I a chance to take a breath. Saturday was beautiful on Mt Rainier. We hiked to Carter Falls in honor of Nolan's best friend. The boys rode their bikes, played card games in the tent and did not ask for their iPods once. Hiked Sunday a little, got home, went to accupucture and visited the neighbors. Yesterday, went on another adventure with Karissa and the kids (and Jane was back!) to the Nisqually Basin wildlife refuge where Nolan said they needed to cut down the plants so he could see. ;). Carter's family was up for dinner last night so, on my suggestion, they all came and we ate together. They crack me up! I laughed and laughed and laughed. Yes, I squeezed every moment I could from the last week and I went over a lot of bridges. Looked down on them all and walked confident OVER them. Back to chemo this morning. Jane is here, Mom is home, Karissa is back, Sherry is bringing lunch on Wednesday.....I will be fine. Thank you for all your love. Ang


Kari George said...

You are so dang cute! And I thought I was an over-achiever...man, you put me to shame! So you'll
Have to educate me on how to buy cheap airfare cause I sure don't have that one figured out! (maybe its the mere fact that I travel one billionth of a percent of your travels...yes, jealous I am indeed! Glad you are doing well...toenail and all! Love you and miss you greatly!

Anonymous said...

You are unbelievable... watch out energizer bunny you are no longer in the lead.
I'm glad you are up to all those adventures. ENJOY!