Sunday, April 22, 2012

The notes your get from your kids.....

When you are open about your condition, you get these.  They are the hardest, but, of course, I had to go over his spelling with him too.  Figure THAT one out!  

Had a great week.  Started acupuncture with this amazing woman in Fremont.  Wow.  She is a really neat person - she looks like she could run a horse ranch and she is funny!  Then, she taught me all about Chinese medicine and herbs.  The formula she is working on for me was all in Chinese - like I can read that.  And, BTW, she is whiter than I am.  VERY COOL.  Anyhoo, she told me after the first appointment that I may be too accommodating to the cancer - respecting it too much and I should treat it more like an unwanted house guest.  Pause - really? - pause.  I NEVER, EVER, EVER thought I would be accused of that, but after two seconds, I believed she was right.  She said, I should just gently get them to go on their way, or something like that.  Now, if I knew her better, I would have said, "Really, I can't just say - "GET THE F&#\K OUT??!?!?!""  While I work on that, let's just pray that acupuncture makes my chemo easier because I REALLY, REALLY want to go to Mason's field trip with him on Thursday - The Little Mermaid play in Renton.  I just need to get on the bus, ride, get off, sit, and repeat in reverse.  I hope I can manage that.  Then, Nolan has a garden party that afternoon - prayers, reiki, bets, bribes, all accepted.

Off to chemo tomorrow bright and early.  Thank you to all of your that have brought me new ways to eat red meat.  My platelets better be awesome!!!!  Love, Ang


auntie jane hainsworth said...

Tell those cancer cells and that nasty chemo stuff to hit the highway by have an important mission. Riding a bus full of seven year olds requires the strength of Hercules and the patience of a Saint. You'll be fine. YOu got it! Love Jane

Anonymous said...

I think your aunt has been around a few seven year olds: ) Hope everything goes well for you and you are able to enjoy the day like you'd like to.