Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Finally - success!

So, after meeting with the psychatrist on Friday and getting homework of relaxation CDs, updating my iPod, and basically her say, "Ang, your mind is strong - you are not losing it. We just need to stop talking about it and let you find your way. You are already on your way. So, let's NOT make another appointment, but if you need to talk you have my number." Wow, I am not crazy (maybe she needs another appointment to really determine that?!?!). Quite frankly, after some of the questions that she asked me I now know I am not the biggest freak show she has ever seen......W-O-W! Anyhoo, all of it worked and I literally SAILED through chemo. With a little more happy drug, the right timing, my iPod, and the one machine that tells me my oxygen and pulse rate, I did it. Pause. Thankful prayer. Pause. Yeah. I have next week off, but have a scan to see where we are with the blood clots. So, yeah. Again, thank you for e v e r y t h i n g, but mainly for loving me through it. Cheers, Ang


Anonymous said...

We love you regardless. It is called unconditional LOVE. We need each other. You are very sane so no worries in that department. You have a big support system. Love, Pam

Steve Chamberlin said...

Awesome! Big kudos and high fives!

[queue Christopher Cross sound track]

♬ Sailing... takes me away to where I'm going ♬

Anonymous said...

You GO step at a time. And remember to get those little cards made with your name and blog address. Anybody wants to know what's up can check it out for themselves. (They don't have to get it from the source in real time). That way you can just hand them out and say, "My psychiatrist has issued a GAG order on me!!!!" Then for effect...throw back your head and let out the biggest cackle you can muster. ;-)