Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mason, Grant, and Nolan

I am posting about my boys today. Today I went on a field trip with Mason to Chinatown. This is the second field trip that I have been on with Mason. He has had a lot of them, but this is the second one I have been on. The first was when I was first diagnosed and I quickly found out that was not something I could easily do. So, it was been off the "to do" list for three years. He is so used to telling me what happened and whose Mommy took care of him. He tells me, in great detail, who misbehaved, and who didn't which always includes him. But today, he didn't have to, because I was his helper. Now, for most people, you would think, "Wow, things are really back to normal" and they are, but this is a kid that when I get sick with a cold and mistakenly say, "Mommy doesn't feel so hot today......" he jumps into action and starts putting things away and "helping" with lunch and putting things in the frig and says, "Don't worry Mommy, I will take care of you and, when you die, I will take care of Daddy and Nolan." Sometimes he asks me when I am going to die and I explain that I may not, we just don't know, but I don't want him to worry about it because I am healthy now and NOW is what matters. I tell him that he will NOT be responsible for everyone and that he is just a kid.....but it doesn't matter what I say, he is just that type of boy. Such a burden. We talk about now, we talk about Tinkerbell, we talk about heaven, and then, when there is nothing left to say, I just hug him and kiss him until the tears stop and he laughs so hard he can't talk anymore. Now, Grant....well, you know, Grant has been working in his new business, and he is doing well. We aren't rolling in any money, but he is busy, working, and he even invoiced a client. So, things are going in the right direction. I am amazed at how happy he is and I am a little bit in awe of how talented he his. His writing is really good, but you know, it is about cleaning dirt. HOWEVER, he is not allowed in Kinko's by himself EVER AGAIN. I knew this would happen. See, he has NEVER worked without a word possessor, CAD guy, receptionist, etc. etc. etc. and it is starting to show. So, I edit (no proof reading - you all know I am a horrid proof reader - I am good at formatting), I make it look pretty, and I get it out. I think he thought he could go to Kinkos, have it copied, bound, and sent by FedEx in 30 mins. No. By the time I got there....well, let's just say, I told him leave. He looked something like a deer in the headlights (I know what that is since Grant is like an expert at hitting deer, but he misses Moose) and a lost puppy. For me, that part of the project is easy, but it takes focus, respect, and time. So, he ran to his next meeting and I focused on the project. Run home, fix the formatting he screwed up, go to Kinko's in Kent, find out they suck, go to Kinko's in Tukwila which is amazing, copy test, review, decide, copy, bind, research paper while they are binding, take it to my Fed Ex Office that I know will get it there, call Mike for a the contact phone number (because Grant is in a meeting), get it, send it, tell a story about the new show "Boss something" and go home. 2.5 hours. Done. He calls about an hour later and says, "So, how it is going? Oh, it is done? All four copies? To the right person? I have to call Mike and tell him. It will be there by noon right?" I reply with, "It's done, yes, yes, already done, yes." And he exhales, "Thanks." Oh, my Grant. (Smile) And, then there is Nolan. Well, Nolan is still Nolan. Self absorbed. Gonna turn three and keeps telling anyone that ticks him off (including me) that they are not coming to his birthday and they don't get cake. Yeah, I know. I just respond with, "If I ain't coming, you ain't havin' a party." Nolan looks at his Dad. He responds with, "What she said." We are GREAT parents. ;) So, here is my message.......while things are crazy and complicated, I still feel my eyes fill up with tears of appreciation that I am the one the "save the day", that can explain to Mason that he is still a kid, and that puts Nolan in his place. Yeah me. Love, Ang


Karen said...

I could read posts like this all day long.

Love to all

Laurie said...

What she said. (wink, wink)

Anonymous said...

You can still bring me to tears. So glad you are enjoying the crazy, hectic, normal days of life.
Keep it up and enjoy!!
Your unmet friend
PS Hope Nolan gives you some cake:-)

leslie kendall said...

So - I have decided - I want to work for Grant - even for one day - then quit so I can be an excretin :)

Anonymous said...
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Kari George said...

Good for you Ang! You are and always will be an amazing person, mom and yes...even an amazing wife! Keep up the excellent are going to be around for a long time, my dear!

Love you lots!