Friday, February 20, 2009

No ER visit this time....

Well, I took much better care of myself this time. I even took the anti nausea meds to everyone's glee. My oncologist was like, "Well, it only took 27 treatments. Should I give you a new rx? I think those of expired, m'dear." They were. I got new ones. Okay, so before y'all say, "What??!?! You haven't been taking those????" Let me explain. Anti nausea meds can contribute to know the plight of my life??? So, I take them very cautiously. I did okay. I balanced it out well, kept food down, didn't have a migraine/stroke/etc. All in all - I rocked. I rocked so much in fact that I showered this morning, brushed my teeth, checked my underwear, and ate just in case I did have to go to the ER. I am not repeated those mistakes again. Dr. Pony Express (Dr. Mailman, my ER doc, I am not kidding) won't have anything on me! So besides me being ready for anything I also had the helicopter mom today. I am 39 and have a helicopter mom. She came by to drop the boys stuff off, then went to Ikea, called to check on me, stopped back by, is coming by tomorrow, and it keeps going. Nice to be loved, but she is a little obvious about it. I am sure I am the same way. I just haven't had anything that scary happen with the boys yet. So, all in all, things are good. So, here is a story...."Good Friends" When you are in chemo or I imagine anything crappy you tend to not focus on the little stuff like if you have the right email addresses, etc. and people don't want to say anything to you because they feel bad. FYI - TELL THEM. I was emailing my bookclub from two years ago until one of the current members was like, "Ang, you know, you might want to update your email list. It looks like it might be out of date by just a little. No biggy. Just thought you should know..." I was like, "Why the *(&#$)(*&#)($*&#)($*&(# didn't anyone tell me???" Here is another one - A girlfriend from preschool was talking to me about my train wreck of a January and said, "I hardly feel sorry for you - you got a new kitchen. We were all sick too and I didn't get one of those!" She was right. I did and it looks awesome!!!!! One more - Elaine is my driver on chemo and she is another true friend that told me I might want to zip it before I get to the cancer center. I was on a rant. I was moaning and complaining. Guess what it was about???? MY HAIR. Yeah, you need those friends. So, here is to good friends that keep you straight and love you all the way. More to come, Ang


Anonymous said...

In counterbalance to your concern about not focusing on detailed organizational matters....there are those among us....who can't find a single e-mail address without scrolling through four years worth of undeleted and unfiled e-mails to find one address... much less an e-mail list. You remain an icon of organization and high functioning. Some of us can only sit in awe. Jane
PS !!GO SHARON!!! It brings comfort to those of us at distant heliports to know you are there. PPS Thank you Sharon and Keith for tsking care of Tyrus.

Anonymous said...

Angie, I didn´t understand many words this time, dictionary did´nt help much, but it sounds like you are doing ok this time.
Wanted to tell you, reading how you are living every day at 100%, I have learned to enjoy every day 100%, enjoing every sunrise, every sunset, colors, flowers, food, people, everything.....thank you
Gabriela GM