Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ports are cool, side effects stronger

Well, anyone that does this should have a port. They are cool! You feel nothing and they can pull anything out and put anything in without a bit of pain. PORTS are cool! Today, I am doing pretty well. The side effects are stronger this time (i.e. cold sensitivity). It feels like needles going into my finger tips and toes. Also, if I drink something cooler that luke warm it feels like needles in the back of my throat. My hands cramp a bit but that tells me I need to drink more water - nice signal. Something I learned yesterday is that a "round" of chemo is actually two treatments. So, I will be going through two rounds before we test again for next step (more chemo, add radiation, surgery, etc). The nice part about that is I know what I am doing through July (chemo on the 9th and chemo on the 23rd - completing the second round) and can plan according. It is a beautiful day, and the kids are with my mom and Jane, so I am going to try to do all my recommended activities today (friend recommendations). I have managed to do at least one each day, but today I will do all of them. I will post on how that goes. I think it will be pretty funny because I am not so good at one of the yoga poses. I keep falling over which I think is not conducive to the desired result!!!!! Enjoy your day - I will side effects and all - Ang


Anonymous said...

Hey Kid; you sound good and I compliment you on your strength and outlook, it is the way to beat this stuff. Maggie and I send you our love and look forward to the day we can come and visit you.

Meredith and Kevin said...

Hi from Oz Ang. We're reading your blog with interest, keep those spirits high and keep on fighting! M & K

Anonymous said...

The "Brown Ribbon Campaign" has begun!!! The best part is they have a duel purpose...once you are cancer free they will become anti-smoking ribbons. No kidding. I was talking out-loud about wanting to start the campaign for you (so that you could have a "sexy" cancer) and your favorite IT guy went on line and found that, in fact, my idea was already available. He purchased a bunch of them. See, not only I think everything revolves around poop - the darn ribbons are BROWN!!!! for butt cancer. I will make sure to get you a bunch of them. ;-)