Friday, June 15, 2007

"Cancer Free"

Today is a bit better than yesterday. My body is healing nicely around the port in my chest and the bruising is going away. The nausea is going away slowly but is compounded by other things that I don't have the energy to go into. So, without those complications and a bit of luck, the next round of chemo should be better. Thought of the of my neighbors that I work with on neighborhood stuff mentioned a couple times during meetings, "Oh, that must have been when I was sick." regarding a time period about seven years ago. I always meant to ask her about it, but it never seemed appropriate, or there were other neighbors around. Well, she emailed me right after my diagnosis and told me it was cancer. In her email, she used the words, "cancer free for seven years". I can't get "cancer free" out of my mind and during my worst bouts I think of those words, that email, her, and say, "cancer free."


Anonymous said...

Other people, even those we love and admire, sometimes question the path we choose. However, we should not let this be an obstacle, because our intuition will guide us. Venture bravely: your inner lantern will always light the way.

The signpost ahead, now bathed in your light, clearly reads "Cancer Free."

Anonymous said...

Hi Ang,

I think that the words CANCER FREE are good ones to fixate on. All my prayers for you are related to that...finding health... cancer free. Hang in there. I believe in you.


Anonymous said...

Happy to hear you are a bit better. In today's world of medicine, everything is possible. Your strong will and faith will see you through. We all know how strong and determined you are. If anyone can, you will!! "Cancer Free" sounds so good. The day you hear those words will be the best of days for all that care about you. Thinking of you and holding you in good thoughts. CG

Tomi said...

Lance Armstrong.
That's who I keep visualizing. I hear the words cancer free from many many clients. It is very common to become cancer free. I am trying to type this like a mantra. Hopefully this is helpful. My love to you,

Anonymous said...

Cancer Free On Kaui, You will do it!!!! Pat and Mag

Unknown said...

Angie, so glad to hear it is getting better. The two days following my chemo were always the worst and the worst one I had was the first. I think the port insertion just was the straw that time. Lance Armstrong is a great one to visualize since he had zero chance of survival and look what he went on to do. Again he was young and strong and took care of his body just like you. He has said if not for cancer he never would have been able to win all the races. You will be so proud of yourself all the way through, each day is testiment to your will and courage, but remember it is fine to cry. Being brave is not having no fear but to have fear and go through it. Love Elaine