Monday, January 12, 2009

I am doing well....

I have actually been having fun, enjoying my kids (when they listen to MY words), and trying not to think about chemo. I am off again for my cocktail tomorrow, BUT I get to go scrapbooking tonight with my girlfriends - some of the best people I know. I actually am doing better mentally now that the holidays are over and that we made good holiday memories WITH PICTURES (minus New Years, but who celebrates that with a 1 and 4 year old?!?!?!). I am kinda in the groove of it all now which is an odd way to put it, but I really don't know a good way to put it - it is chemo?!?!?! The thing that is different right now that we are doing work on our kitchen. History - Grant and I started "updating" our kitchen last March when I went into remission. I guess it is a cross between an update and a remodel. We got the new counter tops, appliances, sink and new bathroom vanity, but there was a snarl in the floor that ate up three months and then I was in treatment again. As fate would have it, we met a contractor in August that did a loft in a neighbor's home that was amazing and we had made an appointment to speak with him. After meeting with him, we WAY underestimated how much with would cost, so the plans on a loft were postponed. Here is the funny part....I made a crack about not finishing the kitchen and the debacle with the flooring which brought our do-it-yourself project to a halt. He asked more about it and said, "Why do I finish this up for you and then you can see my work, and have more time to think about the loft." Apparently, that ask and you shall receive thing works...sometimes even if you didn't ask. So, we have been talking, he solved the floor problem, we picked paint, etc. etc. We were trying to wait until chemo was over since the boys and I would be out of the house, but that, as you know, has been extended, so we decided that we were going for it anyway on a good week. The contractor has been wonderful with my schedule, helpful with everything, and basically told me, "You call me and I will take care of it, that is my job. You've got other things to worry about." And he has. That do-it-yourself thing is losing attractiveness more and more. So, by the end of January, even though it will be chaotic and mind blowing, I may just been done with chemo AND have my kitchen FINALLY finished. The good part is I am like, "We will get through it. Day by day - no further - just day by day." I would have NEVER allowed that chaos before and now I am like, "Yeah, whatever. I get a new kitchen, I get a new kitchen!!" Love, Ang


Anonymous said...

Good job rolling with it, Ang. I know it doesn't come naturally to accept chaos. :) But you're right--a new kitchen will be totally worth the hassle. Can't wait to dance with you on that new floor. And have Rick cook something yummy for us.
Love to all the Clarno/Hainsworths, Laurie

Anonymous said...

There are so many good people in this world, like your contractor.He is blessed by knowing you and you are blessed by knowing him. Coping with your illness is not unlike the 12 step program, "one day at a time". You have wisdom beyond your years!
Love to you and all your family.

Anonymous said...

Mason and Nolan will love the "chaos"...a man with tools in their own kitchen, how fascinating can it get? Of course their dad is pretty handy with tools, and I'm sure much admired by them...but isn't more always better in these matters?

I saw Rick doing a New Years brunch cooking segment...looks like your kitchen would be regally christened by Laurie's plan. Haven't seen the dancing, but can imagine it is pretty skillful too. Fun, Fun, Fun. Love Jane